The Lying Elites

While the majority of people want to put the pandemic behind them, they also choose to ignore how the people they trusted to keep them safe repeatedly lied to them.

The Lying Elites
Photo by Martin Sanchez / Unsplash

The revelations about the COVID pandemic should shock the masses out of their disinformation blindness.

Anyone can now see what most here have known for a long time, the COVID campaign was induced panic on a global scale.

The response was not based on any real science, just a global contagion of follow the leader.

In this instance, the leader was the questionable Dr Anthony Fauci.

The real medical professionals who spoke against Fauci's proclamations were shunned as a result. Anyone who challenged the vaccines based on their safety or efficacy was labelled and anti-vaxxer and cancelled.

The entire process made a mockery of the 'first, do no harm' principle of medicine.

Those of us who raised these matters publicly and questioned what we were being told, were constantly under attack. The 'experts' ridiculed and mocked us while telling us to 'follow the science'.

Now we know that almost everything we were worried about was true and the experts were almost universally wrong.

Whether they lied or were just ignorant puppets will likely never be known.

That's why we need a Royal Commission into the COVID fiasco, to get as close to the truth as we can.

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