The Lies of LibLab Government

Liberal and Labor are proving themselves to be shades of each other. Both will sell out the citizens for their own political ends.

The Lies of LibLab Government
Photo by Michael / Unsplash

As inept as the Albanese government is proving to be there is no comfort in recognising their predecessor was just as bad.

Not only was the Morrison government hopeless, they also traduced all the traditional Liberal Party values. There is also the stench of corruption, dishonesty and a total lack of integrity from their time in power.

In that sense, they share those traits with the current Labor administration.

Most of the time, when a government is replaced their assorted failings are picked over for a year or so before it becomes old news.

However, the new and startling revelations about how the Morrison team went about their business should appal even the most hardened political pundit.

There's no doubt that they lied to us all on many occasions. A lot of that had to do with the pandemic which was clearly used as a means of abusing power.

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