The Liberals Media Censorship Plan

The Coalition are following the same flawed path of a previous Labor government in trying to censor speech.

The Liberals Media Censorship Plan
Photo by Markus Winkler / Unsplash

A few years ago, the Labor government proposed to establish a media censorship department. That’s not what they called it of course but that’s what it was.

Reporting on information they didn’t like was deemed hate speech and they wanted to control it.

It was targeted at the Murdoch media and incredibly, the principled journalists of the left at their ABC, the then Fairfax press and the Guardian were very enthusiastic about it.

That demonstrated just how thick so many of these so called thought leaders are. Any law targeting your enemy can be easily applied to you as well.

That didn’t dawn on them.

Well now there’s a new censorship proposal on the table. This one from the coalition.

The Morrison Govt is giving more power to bureaucrats at the Australian Communications and Media Authority ( ACMA) to act against big tech on misinformation.

According to the Institute of Public Affairs:

“social media companies would be forced increase their already overzealous censoring of mainstream opinion regardless of its accuracy.”

What could go wrong with that? I mean Big tech have such a stellar record of using their power responsibly.

They’ve cancelled people for many of the things I mentioned before….the Wuhan lab leak theory,  the ‘science’ around mask mandates, the laptop from hell and so on.

It’s why you won’t find a lot of my Sky News editorials on places like YouTube – not because they aren’t accurate but because week in and week out, we bell the cat on news big tech or their political puppets don’t want you to know.

According to Evan Mulholland of the IPA, the government's proposal is:

“nothing more than government-backed censorship, is has nothing to do with accuracy; this is about the government finding new ways to filter out facts and opinions unacceptable to the elites and the political class”

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