The Last Bernardi

Here's the editorial from the final Bernardi show on Sky News Australia. After three years of hosting my own show, it's time for a different path.

The Last Bernardi

First off tonight, I want to let you know that this is our last show for the year…and it will be my final show with Sky News.

I’ll have more to say about that later in the program. The past four years have been a fantastic experience, thanks to all of you who have tuned in as we’ve chased the truth of what is happening in the world.  

Unfortunately, no matter how many times we’ve exposed the lies and the corruption, the manipulation and the deceptions, the Lefty elites keep at it. 

They are now so bold that they feel free to tell you any nonsense with a straight face. 

If you dare question that narrative, you are targeted with abuse, ridicule and even cancellation.

They’ll label you a conspiracy theorist even though all these so-called conspiracy theories are proving true.

Yes, the Hunter Biden laptop really belonged to him. Yes, Joe Biden is not fit to be President. No, renewable energy isn’t saving the planet; it’s not free either - as your power bill proves. 

There was no Russian collusion with Donald Trump; Hillary Clinton did commit crimes by using an illegal email server. 

Yes, social media was censored at the behest of the government. COVID-19 really was created in a lab using US money provided by Dr Fauci’s organisation. We still haven’t seen the science behind mask mandates and social distancing.

We haven’t seen the vaccine contracts either or had anyone explain why the multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical companies needed indemnity for their ‘safe and effective’ vaccines. 

We were told repeatedly that these vaccines had been through the same authorisation processes as previous vaccines. That wasn’t true, but it was still repeated ad nauseam. 

And that’s the first rule of propaganda.

You repeat the same message over and over and over again until people believe it to be true. The more voices lent to the campaign, the better.

It leaves people asking:

‘Why would so many public figures say the same thing if it wasn’t true?’.

That’s a partial appeal to authority in the influencing business.

The answer to that is money. It’s always about money. 

You can find someone to do almost anything if you offer enough money. That’s how we have celebrities endorsing crazy investment schemes. It’s why politicians push the agenda of their donors. It’s why media outlets are rarely critical of their advertisers. 

In some cases, these are purely commercial decisions, but in others, mostly involving public officials, they could be considered to border on the corrupt. 

That corruption is a stain on our democracy.

Whether it be questionable government contracts awarded to friends' firms or public monies tipped into private advocacy outfits with no public tender, it’s wrong and needs to be questioned.

But even asking questions isn’t always okay anymore.

If you dare ask where the many billions of taxpayers' money that are allocated to Aboriginal welfare ends up, you could be labelled a racist.

It’s the same if you highlight the scandalous levels of domestic violence, substance abuse and shocking health outcomes in some of our Aboriginal communities. 

It’s as if an entire industry exists to maintain the status quo…which makes me think that a relative few are making a pile of money out of the current malaise. 

I’m guessing they - and others - must have thought there was even more money to be made out of The Voice, which is why so many were singing its praises even though they couldn’t describe its powers, how it would work or what it would mean to our constitutional governance. 

Again, how could anyone credibly lend their name to something with so little detail and such a potential negative impact on our country?

This show has been running on Sky for three years, and I’m pleased to have played a straight bat to the injustice of both the COVID response and the Voice proposal. 

But they are just two of the challenges we faced…and beat…at least in the short term.

There are ongoing battles with the non-science of climate change. It’s evident that nothing we do concerning carbon dioxide emissions will change the climate in any way, shape, or form. 

And yet, we persist with the folly that we can control nature. We’re swapping reliable, affordable and efficient power generation for visual pollutants made of toxic chemicals, in part mined by child slaves in places like the Congo. 

These giant wind and solar farms testify to man's greed, arrogance and stupidity. 

Greed because those behind them are making piles of money thanks to taxpayer subsidies. Arrogance is because those endorsing them think they’ll change nature, and stupidity is because we are destroying our environment while making power more unreliable and expensive.

But stupidity isn’t confined to any particular segment.

Collectively, the Western world seems to have lost whatever grip on reality it used to have. 

We are now told we have to accept things that fly in the face of reality.

In this brave new world, how you see yourself is more important than the truth.

A man can now claim to be a woman, and we’re expected to accept that unquestionably. Anyone who feels uncomfortable with males in female changerooms or competing in women's sports is now a transphobe. 

Heck, if you’re a lesbian and don’t want to have an intimate relationship with a lesbian who has a penis, you’re a transphobe too. 

We’re even putting these men in female prisons and wondering why the women there are subject to sexual violence. 

For centuries, we’ve accepted that children could not make some decisions for themselves. That’s why the nurturing and love of parents are the most essential things in a child's life. Parents are entrusted to make decisions in the best interest of their children for the continuation of their lineage. 

Society also makes decisions about the best interests of a child. We don’t allow them to drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes. We prohibit illicit drug taking and forbid them from driving a vehicle until they reach a statutory age and have the appropriate training. 

Children can’t get tattoos until they are adults, but somehow, we now allow them to demand their body parts be removed and they be given puberty blockers because they feel uncomfortable in their own skin. 

It’s madness, but to say so is to speak the unspeakable. 

Of course, that’s what I’ve always done. 

However, there are signs things are changing.

At my former school, an all-boys college in South Australia, they recently allowed a transgender student to complete their schooling. In doing so, they expected the school community to accept the male student as a female.

It begged the question, if the student is a girl, there is no reason for her to be at a boy's school. If he’s not a girl, why are we expected to pretend he is and overturn more than a century of tradition as an all-boys school?

When I raised that over a year ago, I was labelled an extremist by the head of the council. Asking similar questions of the same group about that decision recently, they’d all backed away from their previous stance. 

“It’s not happening again” I was told. “The world is waking up” was another comment. 

I hope they are correct, but these weather vanes of contemporary culture are part of the problem.

Instead of just going along to get along, we need more courageous truth-tellers who will do the right thing, not the convenient thing. 

We need those people in every aspect of life, particularly community leadership positions. That includes politics - most especially in politics. 

We are now governed by a bunch of mid-level managers who have landed their best-ever jobs, making a career off the public purse. 

It’s so good most don’t want to give it away…unless there’s another taxpayer-funded gig on offer.  

The overwhelming priority of most of our MPs is to keep their job. Accordingly, they’ll say and do whatever is necessary to stay in their position. 

Unfortunately, that delivers terrible outcomes for the rest of us. 

After so many decades of our pollies ‘acting in the national interest’, how is it the country is mired in debt, our welfare system overwhelmed, more than 5 million people are on income support, our infrastructure is overloaded, our cities dirty and housing unaffordable? 

How is it that our standard of living is going backwards, and yet successive governments continue to fill our cities with millions of new arrivals? 

Our society is divided like never before - along racial and ethnic lines. We even have angry mobs chanting ‘Gas the Jews’ at one of our national icons. 

Make no mistake; this is all a result of political decisions taken over many decades, during which very few of our elected leaders bothered to raise the obvious about the importance of culture, integration, and shared values in building a better country.

Some who did, like Pauline Hanson, were condemned by those who now emphatically state that ‘something needs to be done’.

And I agree. Something needs to be done about the hypocrites and self-serving careerists who have dominated our political realm for decades and delivered ever worse results for the rest of us. 

You deserve better. We all deserve better but trust me when I say it won’t be politicians who save us. 

No, the path to safety and prosperity is one you will have to build yourself. Each of us needs to dig that moat around our personal castle to defend our family and way of life.

If you rely on the government, then it’s only natural that the government will control your life. 

That’s why I love to see the emerging shoots of the Liberty agenda here and abroad. 

We’ve now got political parties openly advocating liberty and winning parliamentary seats. The Libertarians, One Nation and United Australia are all in that boat, and I am with them 100%.

Personal and economic freedom are the keys to fulfilling our future potential.

That goes for us as individuals but also for us as a nation. 

Remember that whenever any politician asks you for your vote.

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