The Lamentable Lidia Thorpe

Having been there, done that, Thorpe's move to the cross bench is for all the wrong reasons.

The Lamentable Lidia Thorpe

Watching the lamentable Lidia Thorpe quit the Greens political party brought back plenty of memories.

It was in 2017 I decided to leave the Liberals while sitting as a senator. It was one of the toughest things I have ever done in politics and I have no regrets.

It was also an eye-opening moment about how tribal politics has become.

Previous 'friends' were now openly hostile and it proved a great filter to find out who your true mates were.

Of course the real pals were disappointed but, in my case at least, many understood the reasons why I felt the need to leave.

Some felt I should have left the Senate altogether upon quitting the Liberal Party.

That was certainly an option I considered, but in the end, I chose to try and effect reform through external pressure within the parliament rather than leave.

Depending on your perspective, it may have worked, or been an abject failure.

The Liberals eventually dumped Turnbull (who was destroying them) but his departure killed off any electoral prospects for the fledgling Party I started.

That became publicly clear with the election result.

Thorpe however seems on a different path.

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