The Insanity of the Left

The absurdity of the Left to enforce exclusive inclusiveness knows no limits. it would be laughable if it wasn't all so serious

The Insanity of the Left

The insanity of the leftist march through our institutions knows no limits.

Not content with trying to erase or rewrite history they are now inventing new requirements in their quest for exclusive inclusiveness. This often involves redefining what words actually mean or inventing brand new words to suit their purposes.

Language is critically important to culture and cohesiveness. It is the primary means of communication within a society and where individuals are under different views as to what words mean, conflict often results.

It's could be as simple as ordering something in a store. If you think an apple is one thing but the clerk thinks it is something else, the result is confusion and frustration. Extrapolate that out to what is acceptable or unacceptable to the woke tyrants and you are in very dangerous territory.

That's why the corruption of language is a critical agenda of the left. It allows them to harass and harangue anyone who doesn't conform to the rules they redefine on a whim.

There are many examples of what was ok but now is verboten.  

It is often linked to the expression of identity politics. For example, Aboriginal became Indigenous which has now become First Nations. The term sexual preference was flagged in the online dictionary as offensive because one extreme US Senator said it was. Hate speech is anything they disagree with and only definable by the politics of the person speaking.

Words are now flagged as cause for censorship and offence at such a rapid rate that it is almost impossible to keep up with the demands of the insanity surrounding us.

It is hard to say exactly whether peak stupid has been reached. Every time we scale one apex, another, higher one appears with even more crazy demands.  

However, the process that took place in the United States congress yesterday must surely feature as a lowlight.

Have a look for yourself.

As Matt Walsh wrote: 'This PC change is incoherent and absurd.' Amen ( or should we say Awoman) to that!

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