The Insane Gender Warrior Agenda

We should be grateful for the overreach of the leftist gender warriors. They are triggering normal people into realising just how crazy their agenda really is.

The Insane Gender Warrior Agenda
Photo by Sharon McCutcheon / Unsplash

Something is changing out there.

More and more people are realising the appalling hand the establishment has dealt us.

They are waking up to the lies, and many are finding their voice.

That's my experience anyway. Wherever I go, people look for excuses to openly discuss what the authorities would prefer we didn't talk about.

Some feel conned into getting double or triple-jabbed. Some acknowledge their side effects while also commenting on the deaths, miscarriages, blood clots and heart conditions of their friends.

Others tee off about the insane transgender agenda.

I have yet to meet one person who thinks it's a good thing for men, who claim to be women, to be allowed to compete in women's sports.

Some may sympathise with the 'acceptance' narrative until it becomes about their daughter competing against biological men or having to share a changing room with a boy pretending to be a girl.

The craziness of the leftist's gender-benders is ably demonstrated by this incredible story from the United States where a sadistic male, who admitted to killing a prostitute to satisfy a “blood fetish” now identifies as transgender and has been transferred to a women’s correctional facility.

In a letter to the New York Daily News, he wrote: "Yeah, I killed her. I punched and kicked her to death, crushing her skull in the process.

One of the kicks landed in such a way that it broke her neck and all of a sudden, her head was on backward. Since I have an unusual taste for blood, I drank and licked and lapped up my fill."

He also wrote: "Let it be known - I am Lucifer's Maiden servant, sent to Earth born of sin, to bring suffering and pain, darkness and evil."

This is a depraved man, but now, thanks to the rainbow activist agenda, because he now claims to be a woman, he is locked up in a women's prison.

Unsurprisingly, a couple of the real female prisoners there are now mysteriously pregnant.

Somehow, I don't think it's a miraculous conception!

Stories like this and those of other insane transgender decisions are doing the rest of us a favour.

They wake the cultural sleepwalkers from their cosy slumber by hitting them square in the face with a brick of common sense. It makes them realise that allowing this to happen without resistance is dangerous.

That's why I strongly support the Liberal candidate for Warringah, Catherine Deves.

She has stood tall, calling out the craziness of men being allowed into women's sport. That's turned her into a target from the sopping-wet rainbow Liberals like Trent Zimmerman and his ilk who want her disendorsed.

They are joined by the local MP and Olympic Bronze medallist Zali Steggall.

I'd be happy to bet she wouldn't have that Olympic medal if she competed against men as a Winter Olympian. Actually, I'd be surprised if she even made the team!

But that's how this affront to common sense works.

You support causes that don't impact you or your family. You condemn those who are directly affected as bigoted or transphobic. You pretend you are more morally virtuous so you can condemn others.

It's rank hypocrisy, but that doesn't matter.

The first and only rule of the gender activist is pledging allegiance to the rainbow flag of tolerance. Only then are you given licence to be the most bigoted and intolerant person in the room?

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