The Infantilised Adults of the West

The defining characteristics of a mature being are increasingly absent in Western adults.

The Infantilised Adults of the West

The world is pretty messed up.

We have wars, famines, food restrictions, dysfunctional governments and we are all fed a staple diet of lies and misinformation.

However all of those problems can be overcome if the people have a commitment to making that change.

Therein lies the biggest problem with where we are at.

People have been infantilised to such an extent that they no longer resemble the adult human species.

They have the age but not the essential defining characteristics of a mature being.

Real adults are resilient, have pride in their ability to reason and are openly sceptical of government involvement in their lives.

Now it seems we have conditioned generations of adults to look to government for solutions, absolve themselves of blame for any failings and content to be told what to do and think.

It's why so many of them react so badly to hearing information or perspectives they don't like.

I won't even say that it is things they don't agree that triggers them. So many no longer think past headlines that they don't really know what to think about much at all. Instead they just regurgitate whatever they are fed.

We saw it recently with the COVID vaccinations. Despite the evidence about the rushed testing of mRNA vaccines and their reported side-effects, any public concern about them was suppressed.

Those that did manage to break through the cone of silence were labelled as anti-vaxxers and worse. They were then dutifully reported by incensed citizens to any authority figure that might listen - social media gatekeepers, employers, media or their local politicians.

That saw people cancelled and condemned. The accuracy of their statements never figured into it. They simply pushed too hard against the vibe.

Since those early days, much of what was dismissed has borne true. There are serious side-effects with mRNA vaccines. Their efficacy is diminished with each shot and some research now suggests a negative efficacy with shot four.

As the facts are revealed, they are still not widely discussed because the world has decided to move on and focus on the war between Russia and Ukraine.

As discussed previously, I don't think Putin should have made the decision to invade but any conversation about why he may have made that decision is verboten in most circles.

Most won't know that the Belgrade agreement of 1991 binding was supposed to ensure Ukrainian neutrality - neither aligned with neither NATO or Russia.

Most don't know that the Minsk Agreement of 2014 was supposed to give the largely Russian regions in Donbas a vote for their independence. Most don't know how appallingly these ethnic Russians have been treated by the Ukrainian governments since then - while denied their promised vote.

This has resulted in an eight year long civil war.

You can see some of the consequences of that war - including the 75K Ukrainian refugees who fled to Russia in the document below.

Again, I say that these are not to be seen as excuses for Russia but they are some reasons why tensions were high in the first place.

These tensions have been heightened by the behaviour of senior politicians around the world. The Ukrainian President has repeatedly sought to join NATO in violation of the 1991 independence agreement and has not upheld the Minsk agreement.

US Vice President Kamala Harris publicly supported that position just prior to Putin's invasion.

Ukrainian President Zelensky has even been a supporter of the neo-Nazi Azov Battalion who have openly targeted culturally Russian Ukrainian citizens.

Who knows what impact they both had on Putin's disposition.

Since then, figures like Joe Biden have gone to great lengths to escalate tensions by calling for regime change and labelling Putin a war criminal.

In the case of US Senator Lindsey Graham, even publicly calling for Putin's assassination.

I'm old enough to remember when no responsible politician would ever do that.

They certainly didn't when America invaded Iraq ( without UN sanction) in 2003.

Nor did they respond like that when the United States bombed Sarajevo without global authorisation in 1999.

Even the Communists of North Vietnam didn't do that when the US manufactured an incident to escalate the Vietnam War.

History shows that when Indonesia invaded East Timor in 1975, resulting in a 25 year occupation that killed an estimated 180,000 people, Australia supported it for decades.

So it's not principle at work here, it is something else.

For some reason, it suits the Western world to escalate this crisis and to make a hero of the Ukrainian President and a greater villain of the Russian leader.

In truth, both have behaved poorly but the West doesn't want you to know that there are many dimensions to this battle.

They also don't want you to know that most of the world's population - as represented by India, China, Iran, Brazil and Pakistan are remaining neutral or tacitly backing Russia.

Even the European Union, while donating $1 billion to Ukraine to repel the invaders has spend nearly $40 billion buying energy from Russia.

Merely calling into question the narrative we are presented with triggers an infantilised response from supposed adults who are unable to see things other than a single side of the propaganda.

That weakness, that ignorance and that apathy, is the greatest problem the world faces today.

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