The Housing Hallucinosis

The government's frenzied rush to easy housing affordability pressures is set to make home prices even more unaffordable.

The Housing Hallucinosis
Photo by Tierra Mallorca / Unsplash

The schizophrenic nature of government policymaking is doing us all a disservice.

They're pushing in one direction while pulling in the other. That way, they can claim to be all things to all people while achieving very little.

The only cost comes to the taxpayers funding these boondoggles and the hidden price attached to our way of life.

Electricity policy is a good example.

We need cheap and reliable power for almost every aspect of our lives and national prosperity. The government acknowledges that by promising more affordable energy. That's what they are pushing you to believe.

Then they pull us toward unreliable and uneconomic renewables in an attempt to change the weather. In doing so, they promise a new dawn that only leaves us in darkness.

We are all worse off as a result.

While the power realists have been pointing this out for a decade or more, the confected climate apocalypse scenario continues to gather pace.

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