The Horrors of the Hard Left

Nicolle Flint unveils the horror of how the hard-left of politics really think on the Bernardi show.

The Horrors of the Hard Left
Photo by Ahmed Abu Hameeda / Unsplash

Members of the hard left have shown their “absolute refusal” to condemn the horror attacks by Palestinian terrorist group Hamas, says former Liberal MP Nicolle Flint.

It comes as pro-Palestine rallies are being held around the world after Hamas launched its attacks on Israel last week.

“As the week has unfolded, we have seen the most horrendous atrocities committed against babies, young adults, civilians, elderly people by Hamas,” Ms Flint told Sky News host Cory Bernardi.

“These people on the left who claim to be tolerant and kind, have really been defending terrorism.

“You can’t describe it any other way.”

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