The Greatest Show on Earth

Strap yourself in, the greatest show on earth is just getting started and the outcome is important for us all.

The Greatest Show on Earth

For political junkies, the next few months will be some of the most fascinating ( and important) in recent times. Put simply, the US Presidential election process is the greatest show on earth.

And this episode promises to be amazing. Everything seems to be stacked against Donald Trump and the American people.

The media are mostly hostile, Wall Street bosses are backing socialists with billions of dollars, the Democrats are lying and cheating at every opportunity and anarchists are seizing the cities. Even Democratic governors and mayors are smashing their local economies in an attempt to impact the election

It is all part of the campaign to get rid of Trump but I don't think it will work.

Firstly, no matter how much the media try to mask it, people know that Democratic challenger Joe Biden has some serious cognitive issues. He isn't fit for office - and that statement has nothing to do with his views - just his health.

His running mate, Kamala Harris, is the quintessential hard core leftist who will say and do anything to advance her career. Any cursory examination of her professional history will demonstrate that.

It wasn't that long ago that harris was claiming Biden was a sexual predator because it suited her motives. Now she wants him to be President! I suspect that's because, if they are successful,  as VP she expects to step up when Biden inevitably falters.

We know Harris wasn't chosen on merit. Biden had an exclusive short list made up of women with different shades of brown skin. That was to compensate for his history of racist gaffes and allegations of predatory conduct.

On the other hand we have President Trump who actually has a pretty good track record as President. Despite the perpetual campaign of falsehoods  made against his administration, Trump has achieved a lot.

He took on China well before the rest of the world wised up. He defended America's borders. He helped create millions of jobs and implemented tax cuts for all. Importantly, he has highlighted just how dishonest the political and media establishment are.

Do you recall the allegations against Trump about colluding with Russia to rig the election? Well the latest evidence shows that the Obama administration colluded with the FBI to give that oxygen.  That would be the same administration who said they didn't know Hillary Clinton had a private email server as State department Secretary, despite President Obama emailing her on it multiple times.

And what about the media hype over Trump suggesting some research on Covid-19 treatments using hydroxychloroquine were effective.   They ignored the facts and reported Trump was telling people to drink fish tank cleaner!

The litany of offences against Trump by the media and the Democrats is very long. But I think it has actually played into his hands. The American people have seen the office of the President under partisan siege, not through malfeasance, but because the ruling elite don't think he should be there because he challenges their cosy cabal.

As I said earlier, this promises to be the greatest political showdown in recent history. There is a lot at stake because while Trump is as flawed as the rest of us, he is all that stands in the way of the totalitarian agenda of the US Democrats which they will seek to export to the rest of the Western world.

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