The Greatest Scandal

The Greatest Scandal

Make no mistake, no government will allow this Coronavirus alarmism to be wasted. They are, and will continue to use it to radically change our society.

For some, this is a green dream come true. No air travel, industry shut down and many more people dependent on government largesse.

For others, this pandemic is a means to rationalise and justify the abandonment of long held tenets. Debt no longer matters, property rights can be traduced and individual freedoms shut down.

Basket case economies are also loving the excuse to plan radical changes. In Europe (which is malignantly broke) they are now talking about converting all government debt to ’perpetual bonds’.

That means they never actually have to repay the money they owe, only some notional annual interest payment that they will determine. If this happens in Europe, others will follow suit and we will be witness to the greatest wealth destruction in the history of mankind.

That’s in part why stock markets have been moving higher. The professional investor realises that government bonds are no longer a safe haven and they are seeking the liquidity and relative security of stocks.

I never thought I would consider stocks safer than bonds but times have changed.

The world is turned on its head and the Corona Virus is just an excuse for many to have one last role fo the dice to achieve their own ends.

The socialist experiment of unlimited borrowing and endless prosperity is coming to an end as it collapses upon itself. Naturally, those most to blame will parlay their responsibility onto a virus that is akin to a bad seasonal flu.

Those most virulent in sounding the alarm that effectively shut down the world economy coincidently are funded by those seeking to benefit from the chaos that ensues.

The easiest way to understand the agenda behind what is happening to all of us is to follow the money.

Who funds the alarmists like the Imperial college modellers that got it so wrong? Who funds the World Health Organisation who mismanaged this virus event? Who backs the climate change / depopulation agenda that benefits from this global economic catastrophe?

If you follow the trail of money you will see how this manufactured crisis has been used by governments and individuals alike to achieve their own ends.

This is the greatest scandal in modern history and we are all the unwitting victims of it.

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