The Forgotten War

The Taliban are seizing control of Afghanistan again. It makes one question the wisdom of the 20 year war that cost many Australian lives.

The Forgotten War

There used to be a sporting joke about the sports star Waugh twins.

Mark and Steve were well known national cricketing figures but occasionally someone would refer to sibling Dean ( who also played first class cricket) as 'Afghanistan'... the forgotten Waugh.

Now, I bet many would prefer to forget about the 20 year real war in Afghanistan.

Us intelligence has warned that the Afghan government could collapse within six months of the coalition forces withdrawal. That marks the activities there over the past two decades a waste of money, time and life.

According to media reports, the Taliban are already sweeping through northern Afghanistan with the official security forces often surrendering without a fight.

Australian diggers put up an incredible fight to protect the Afghani people from the Taliban and it cost 41 courageous Aussie lives.

Now it seems the Afghani's can't be bothered fighting for themselves.

It's an insult to all those who were prepared to serve in defence of our freedom and the freedoms of others.

The diplomatic boffins assured us that the Taliban would engage in peace talks but, like so many bureaucratic statements, that was a road to nowhere.

In fact it just enabled the Taliban forces time to regroup and seize territory.

Their latest actions led to the Taliban to proclaim "manifest victory and triumph" and that their success will "be the beginning of the end of the ills birthed by occupation". They are likely correct.

Again, it's an insult to all those who served the cause of freedom.

Admittedly, I don't have a solution to the current circumstance. Having our troops remain there in the hope of making a lasting difference would be foolhardy.

However, reflecting on the financial and human cost of the engagement of the past 20 years, it's worth asking was it worth it?

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