The First Casualty of War is Truth

The US neocons are fanning the flames of war. Time to move them on and get the diplomats to the table

The First Casualty of War is Truth
Photo by Max Kukurudziak / Unsplash

There’s a growing awareness that the proxy war in Ukraine is being fuelled by interests that care more about destroying Russia than saving Ukraine.

My position on this war hasn’t been popular, but more people are now seeing that it effectively began with the US backed coup of 2014 that replaced the Ukraine government.

Since then, ethnic Russians have been targeted by neo-Nazi groups operating under sanction by the Ukraine government.

There were terrible atrocities recorded that led to headlines like this.

In one media account from 2014, a member of the notorious Azov battalian acclaimed Nazi’s were happy to fight Russia because ‘Putin is a Jew’.

The list of atrocities committed in the pre-war civil war was appalling.

That’s not to say it was all one way. It wasn’t. A war takes two sides to fight, but the promise of peace and a vote on autonomy for the principally Russian areas of Ukraine via the Minsk agreement has never materialised.

In fact, former German Chancellor Angela Merkel admitted the agreement was simply a means of buying time to allow the Ukrainian military to grow stronger.

There’s also the relentless creep of NATO toward the Russian border that the Russians expressed so much concern about. One non-negotiable pillar of Russian national security was that Ukraine was to remain a neutral country and yet, both Zelensky and US VP Kamala Harris endorsed Ukraine joining NATO.

It was like a red rag to a bull and the bull charged, pushing troops over the border.

I’ve never bought into the narrative that Russia wants to conquer Europe, nor that Putin is a madman. In many respects, his approach to many contemporary issues is more rational and calculated than a lot of Western leaders.

And for those who are critical of Russian disinformation about this war, I’d suggest you hold off from throwing those stones in your own  glass house until you look at the propaganda being pushed by Western media and Ukrainian disinformation services.

While the West seems happy to perpetuate this conflict by throwing military weapons, munitions and ordinances at Ukraine, they also deny it’s a proxy war between US neocons and their aggressive foreign policy against their perpetual adversary, Russia.

If it was really about one country taking land from another, or invading another, then every US citizen would be sanctioned and the US billionaires would have their assets seized like the Russians have.

Again, I know this view isn’t popular with those who can’t think past the headlines but more and more people are coming to the conclusion that many Western leaders, most notable the US and the UK, show no interest in stopping this war.

But their indignant squawking reached new absurdities this week when a Russian fighter doused a US drone in fuel, then clipped it’s propellor to cause it to crash.

Here’s some footage of the incident:


The drone was capable of carrying Hellfire missiles.

I don’t know whether it was carrying them or not. The question as to whether the drone was in international airspace or over Russian territory depends on which side you listen to.

However, the complaint from the US European Command was reported in the Australian.

“Several times before the collision, the Su-27s dumped fuel on and flew in front of the MQ-9 in a reckless, environmentally unsound and unprofessional manner,”

The thing that got me was the ‘environmentally unsound’ claim, presumably a result of the fuel dump.

This from the government that is credibly reported as blowing up the Nord stream gas pipeline, causing a environmentally catastrophic gas leak.

Of course the US denies the claim but not many intelligent people believe those denials.

This is the reality of the West today.

We’re concerned about the environmental actions of an attack on a drone but unconcerned by the bombing of a pipeline or the tens of thousands of bombs and rockets.

The environmentally unsound consequences of war matter only when it suits the narrative.

And what about the loss of life?

To hell with the hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian troops and conscripts being sacrificed at the behest of the US and their allies.

We keep being told that Ukraine is winning this war.

Maybe they are or maybe they’ll run out of people to fight it before the US runs out of weapons to fuel it.

However you consider it, this conflict is a catastrophe in the making and it could have been avoided. Unfortunately, those in charge seem to have little interest in peace and that creates a problem for us all.

The Russia/Ukraine conflict is already a global conflict and it has the potential to bring us to WW3.

It’s time to remove the neocon war hawks from the equation and find a diplomatic resolution.

The alternative scenario of WW3 is too horrific to contemplate.

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