The First Case for the NACC

The reported multi-million payment to Brittany Higgins by the labor government should be the first investigation of the new National Anti-Corruption Commission.

The First Case for the NACC

The Brittany Higgins saga continues to tarnish the reputations of many involved.

You are forgiven if you didn't tune in to Bernardi Sunday evening, choosing instead to watch the interview with the man Higgins accused of rape.

The interview and attached expose, didn't leave the Higgins crew with much dignity or credibility.

That was especially so of celebrity narcissist Lisa Wilkinson.

The interview also raised further questions about the involvement of some Labor figures. It would appear that some were using the rape accusation and claimed friendship with the accuser's boyfriend, as a means to attack the Morrison government.

Given her involvement, it is simply extraordinary that Finance Minister Katy Gallagher's department signed off on the reputed multi-million dollar payout to Higgins .

At the very least, this payment should be subject to a corruption inquiry by the newly minted National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC).  

It would aid public confidence if the entire investigation was held in the public domain.

Something stinks to high heaven about the entire Higgins matter.

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