The "Far-Right"

A now blanket term used by the left. Here's your daily news digest for 13 March 2023.

The "Far-Right"
Photo by Nik / Unsplash
“Far-Right” – The N-word of Politics ⋆ Brownstone Institute
When the facts are not with them, they have few options other than resorting to ad hominem attacks – and no such attack better fits the false inference of ill-intended opposition to state action than “far-right.”


New South Wales Liberals to Seed $400 Future Accounts for Children
Premier Dominic Perrottet has used a Liberal Party campaign launch to promise a major investment in the future…
Let Them Work: How Criminal Justice Reform Can Help Address Australia’s Worker Shortage
Australia is experiencing both an incarceration crisis and an unprecedented worker shortage. Sensible criminal justice reform can address the excessive burden on Australia’s prison system while also filling persistent job vacancies in the economy.
Queensland floods: Burketown residents warned of crocodile-infested waters ahead of expected peak
Authorities say community still in town could be isolated for up to two weeks with water levels continuing to rise


Biden Administration Allowing Iran’s Mullahs to Join the “Nuclear Club”
Ever since the Biden Administration shifted Washington’s Iran policy from maximum pressure to total appeasement, the ruling mullahs’ nuclear advances have been remarkable. In the meantime, the Biden administration does not appear even slightly concerned
EU country will force firms to hire more women in top positions
Spain is seeking to adopt a law obliging the country’s firms to include at least 40% women on their boards
Dan Crenshaw Accuses Mexican President of Caring More About Drug Cartels Than Ordinary People | National Review
Senator Lindsey Graham said he plans to propose legislation to designate the cartels as foreign terrorist groups.

Business, Finance & Investment

Silicon Valley Bank failure could trigger run on U.S. regional banks
Fed and FDIC decisions concerning the future of Silicon Valley Bank may affect regional banks across the United States.
‘Too big to fail’ is back as Bill Ackman says government should consider a Silicon Valley Bank bailout
The founder of Pershing Square Capital Management said the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank “could destroy a long-term driver of the economy.”
Let down by bonds? Private debt is worth a look
For all the doom and gloom being proffered by various analysts it might surprise you to learn the Australian economy is actually growing. And it grew 2.7 per cent over the last year. Sure, the rate of growth might be slowing, but we’re still growing. And if you consider all the job vacancy signs pos…


Transgender Activists Are A Lot Like Pennywise The Clown -
By Brandon Smith Ten years ago would you have ever thought we would be having this debate? Transsexual cosplay has…
The lesson of Manchester? Technocracy is no match for evil
The Islamist atrocity at the Manchester Arena raises some serious questions about our society.
Antifa Assaulted Me at a Detrans Rally: Here’s What Happened
SACRAMENTO, Calif.—Members and allies of the detransitioner community met in front of the California State Capitol here Friday ahead of Detrans Awareness Day. Attendees included... Read More

Crypto & Blockchain

Bitcoin and the Lightning Network are moving payments globally
For this week’s episode, Jacquelyn interviewed Jack Mallers, the founder and CEO of Strike, a bitcoin-based payment network and financial app
Easy Crypto - The world’s choice for crypto
The world’s favourite place to buy and sell Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Delivery in less than 2 minutes, easiest order process, and we’re open 24/7.
Bitcoin Regains $20K After $200M in Crypto Liquidations; Some Traders Brush Off USDC Fears
Some traders are signalling strength for USD Coin, citing its treasury backing in U.S.-issued bonds.


Study Suggests AI Can Literally Read Your Mind, And With Extreme Accuracy.
Scientists from Osaka University, Japan have discovered a way to use artificial intelligence (AI) to read our minds – quite literally. By combining magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) with AI technology, the researchers were able to recreate visual images directly from human brain activity. What’s more…

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