The Far Left Fringe

The Prime Minister levels slurs at those who oppose his far-left fringe referendum agenda for the country. He's wrong on all counts.

The Far Left Fringe

The Prime Minister says I am part of a far-right fringe.

I can safely presume he wasn't referring to my haircut but to the fact that my political compass points in a different direction.

That's not too hard a marker, given Anthony Albanese has spent his entire adult life in the far left of the Labor Party.

He probably considers some of the Labor Party to be far-right fringe dwellers too.

His statements were made as he targeted Senator Michaelia Cash for coming on my Sky News program and saying this:

'If we put the voice in the constitution, we effectively announcing an apartheid-type state."

The only problem is that Cash never said it. I did.

That the Prime Minister would get such a thing wrong is appalling, but the attempt to weaponise and stop the use of the word apartheid is just as bad.

I can perfectly understand why the proponents of The Voice don't want it used concerning their racist and divisive constitutional change. It conjures up images of the segregated political system operating in South Africa for so many decades.

Strangely, the same hard-left fringe who don't want it used about their own proposals is often happy to level the accusation against Israel when it suits them.

That's another glaring example of the hypocrisy of the Left.

But despite their protests, Apartheid is the right word for what is being proposed.

Once you do away with some of the egregious evils of the South African regime, you are left with a definition of the term, which essentially means rule by the minority.

Here's how Wikipedia describes it.

"A society dominated politically, socially, and economically through minoritarianism by the nation's dominant minority white population."

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