The Far-Right Fiction

The media are painting a narrative that the rejection of failed leftist politics is a product of the 'far-right'. They refuse to acknowledge that the people have had enough of the lies and the corruption.

The Far-Right Fiction

In case you weren't already aware, the media wants you to think you are part of the political 'far-right'.

That's the label they have affixed to anyone who supports normality in opposing the leftist agenda.

It's a nonsensical term but used indiscriminately whenever the left loses a vote.

According to the media, it was the far-right (and misinformation) that caused the loss of the Voice referendum.

They also said the far-right delivered the electoral wins of Holland's Geert Wilders and Argentina's Javier Milei.

Both Wilders and Milei won elections based on the lived experience of the voters who suffered under the media's preferred approach - leftism.

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