The Entitled Bludger

If you pay people to do nothing they'll do exactly what you expect…nothing!

The Entitled Bludger

We see that in America where the Biden bludgers get paid more to sit at home than go out to work.

It's happening here too and the victims, aside from the rest of us working joes, are small businesses…particularly our farmers and restaurants.

Popular eateries are turning away customers due to a lack of staff.

Farmers are being forced to let fruit and other produce wither and rot because Aussies wont do agricultural work.

Historically we've been protected from the service consequences of having the willingly unemployed through backpackers and seasonal workers.

Covid put a stop to all that.

Frankly it's a disgrace.

We have plenty of people on the government drip, claiming they cant get a job or want more hours and yet there are restaurants closing because they can't get staff for the night.

Job vacancies are up 13.7% this year yet the participation rate decreased.

That tells me there are plenty out there who just don't want to work.

This week I was in Sydney and spoke to a restaurant manager in the CBD. I asked why all, and I mean every single one of his floor staff were foreign.

He told me that it was impossible to get local people who wanted to do the job and that the foreigners took great pride in a career in the hospitality industry.

I can testify to that. The staff were outstanding. Happy, professional and enthusiastic about what they were doing.

The question remains though,  how did we get to this point where we accept those refusing to work deserve our continued financial support?

It may be that the Europeans at work in the Sydney eatery have fled the results of bankrupt governments and chronic economic malaise so they are happy to have any job.

Let's hope we don't have to undergo the same financial experience to get our bludgers back to work.

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