The End of Rights

His Majesty’s Government is bent on destroying Britain’s oldest and dearest patrimony.

The End of Rights
Photo by Markus Spiske / Unsplash
Assange, Phillips, and the End of Rights
His Majesty’s Government is bent on destroying Britain’s oldest and dearest patrimony.


Truth In Political Advertising’ A Disguise For Elites’ Attack On Free Speech And Democracy
“So-called ‘truth in political advertising’ laws are nothing more than a brazen attack on free speech, and are fundamentally designed to shut down political opposition to the agendas of the federal government and the political elite,” said John Storey, Director of Law and Policy at the Institute of Public Affairs.
Too many immigrants preventing many Australians from breeding
Too many immigrants preventing many Australians from breeding. By Jordan Knight. New South Wales added 174,000 migrants to its population last year. A vast majority of them made their home in Sydne…
Another budget surplus is looking increasingly likely this year, but the treasurer is warning of tough times ahead
For Jim Chalmers, the prospect of delivering a second budget surplus offers more for their government’s long-term than a few upset colleagues in the short-term, writes Brett Worthington.


NATO’s ‘Welfare’ States: Treating the U.S. As ‘Room Service’
The NATO alliance today, however, more closely resembles an international welfare program than a true alliance, with most countries failing to meet their defense commitments and instead relying on the generosity of the United States. As the eminent
Kim Jong-un drives tank in mock battle – state media
Kim Jong-un led his troops in a training exercise with a new battle tank as he called for bigger efforts to prepare for war, KCNA says
Irish Voters Rebuff Their Political Establishment | National Review
The proposed referenda altering the nation’s constitution enjoyed the support of Ireland’s elites, but the attempt to embed woke values in it has backfired.

Business, Finance & Investment

The World’s Biggest Stock Markets, by Country
This graphic illustrates the biggest stock markets by country, providing a unique breakdown of $110 trillion in valuation.
Visualizing All Of The US Currency In Circulation
$100 bills are the most common bill in circulation, even ahead of $1 bills…


Are hyenas really relatable? | The Spectator Australia
A new television wildlife series called Queens (the ruling kind, not the screaming kind) shows competition among hyenas that involves infanticide. ’I want it to feel that you see yourself…
Investigators Discover That Boeing Overwrote Key Surveillance Footage
Federal investigators discovered that Boeing overwrote key security footage that would answer questions about the Alaska Airlines flight.
Our Fake, Fake, Fake World
Will our historical era be remembered as the “Age of Fakes”? We have fake news, fake meat, fake elections, fake genders, fake vaccines, fake budgets, fake democracy, fake truths, fake hate, fake Russian collusion, fake insurrec…

Crypto & Blockchain

Easy Crypto - The world’s choice for crypto
The world’s favourite place to buy and sell Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Delivery in less than 2 minutes, easiest order process, and we’re open 24/7.
Michael Saylor’s MicroStrategy Raising Another $500M to Buy More Bitcoin
The debt offering comes just days after the company closed on an $800 million capital raise, also with proceeds used to buy bitcoin.
Bitcoin Critic Peter Schiff Admits Regret Over Not Investing
Bitcoin critic Peter Schiff admits regret over not investing in BTC as it hits $73K, reflecting a subtle shift in sentiment among crypto skeptics.


Survey: 20% of Gen Z Women Identify as Bisexual
Out of the 28.5% of young Gen Z women who say they are a part of the LGBTQ+ community, 20.7 percent say they are bisexual, a survey shows.

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