The Divide Looks Set to Grow

Politicians promise to heal the divide within society, but their policies do the opposite. That may be a deliberate ploy to gain more power.

The Divide Looks Set to Grow
Photo by Benjamin Disinger / Unsplash

I spent seven hours in the car yesterday, driving from one city to another.

The frustrations of the road are similar but different to air travel. The grey nomads, towing caravans and saving fuel, driving at 80km/h in a 110 zone re equal to the mandatory flight delays.

Still, road travel lets one appreciate the countryside and the bumper crops that farmers will soon reap.

The landscape is so different at this time of year compared with Summer that you could be in an entirely different country.

Lush pastures and canola, wheat and barley have replaced tufts of stubble on red loam.

It's beautiful to behold, and it made me think of how important agriculture is to our national prosperity.

Despite this importance, farmers are under pressure here like they have been in other parts of the world. It's politicians' climate change madness that is threatening their livelihoods and the availability of the products they produce.

With fewer farms, we have less food which makes it more expensive for everyone.

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