The Disease Plaguing the World.

With collective madness taking hold of the world, it is clear that there is something much more contagious than coronavirus to be worried about.

The Disease Plaguing the World.

There is something strange happening in the world.

As we descend into the ridiculous pits of wokedom, it's as if stupidity is the most contagious affliction on earth.

How else can we explain the collective madness that has taken hold?

Apparently, normal people think it's perfectly reasonable to march against sexual harassment in parliament house, while for decades, they have excused or ignored the rape and sexual violence culture endemic in many indigenous communities.

For the record, neither is okay, but racist and misandrist hypocrites aren't okay either.

According to the protesters, it is all Scott Morrison and the Liberal Party's fault. I presume that includes the history of sexual abuse and harassment from within the Labor Party that so many of their virtue-signalling 'leaders' have glossed over or hushed up.

This week, we also saw a global response to the claims of a B-grade actress who married up and is desperately seeking attention for her claims that the attention she receives is unwanted.

When one high-profile pundit dared to say they didn't believe her, the princess wannabe complained to his boss, leading to him leaving his job.

If you doubt the words of the woke, you can be cancelled.

It's actually worse than that. If you dare question the lack of rigour by the billionaire interviewer using her image on social media, you will be labelled a racist.

It's a new crime called 'Digital Blackface'.

Be warned, in this brave new world, only black people can post pictures of black people. I guess that means we can all post photos of Michael Jackson!

The insanity continues wherever you look.

The cognitive collapse of the US President and the dangerous policy agenda being implemented by his administration is met with cheers from a sycophantic media. These same people held the previous president to a different standard.

We have media pundits, with annual salaries in the millions of dollars, publicly preaching Great Reset socialism while drinking vintage champagne at their waterfront mansions.

These are just some examples of what ails the world. It isn't climate change, racism, transgenderism, poverty, hunger or coronavirus.

The collective disease that is plaguing the world is hypocrisy.

Wherever you look, some hypocrite is telling you what you are doing wrong while they do it themselves. In essence, they project their own biases and failings onto everyone else.

Last week, a nominee for office in the US was asked about her previous comments that everyone had racial bias. The question was what race she was biased against.

Her response was essentially: 'Oh no, I can manage my biases, so those statements don't really apply to me.'

Have a listen to leftist hypocrisy exposed in this exchange

That's how the militant and activist left think. They take their own demons and hatreds and tell themselves these are actually how other people are thinking. It's a form of self-loathing that seeks to spread the pain.

When anyone asks them to justify or explain their position, their hollow words, their intellectual and their policy weakness is exposed. So too is their hypocrisy.

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