The Deep State is Very Real

The deep state is real and they hate you. It’s time more of us hated them right back.

The Deep State is Very Real
Photo by Sergiu Nista / Unsplash

Even if you are not a Twitter user you need to know just what’s been going on at the social media giant.

Since Elon Musk took it over, three’s been a clean out of the woke mob who were previously running the show as a disinformation and censorship centre for the left.

Many of us thought this was the case for years  but it was always denied as a conspiracy theory by the leftist politicians and tech giants.

Well it wasn’t a conspiracy theory, it was just a conspiracy.

Musk has released reams of documents that show the FBI and other government agencies were in cahoots to suppress information on behalf of the left.

Sometimes it was to deny knowledge of the Hunter Biden laptop scandal and the corruption allegations surrounding him and his father - the President of the United States.

Other times it was to restrict accounts or suppress views that they simply didn’t like.

Medical Experts who debunked the narrative surrounding COVID were banned or had their reach limited.  

Here’s the account of Dr Jay Bhattacharya - he’s on the Twitter trends blacklist.

And what about the top conservative podcasters and broadcasters like Dan Bongino.  

He was on the Twitter naughty list deemed not safe for work and made invisible to search requests. So was the Libs of Tik Tok account.

Incredibly, Twitter employees built blacklists and limited the visibility of certain topics with zero rationale other than 'we don’t like it'.

In the words of one user:

“The sanctimonious virtue-signalling leftists who lecture everyone about "protecting our democracy" have been working to crush democracy by silencing and censoring voices that dissent from their groupthink.  Shame on them all“

It’s exactly as we thought.

Friends, I cannot say how much of a disgrace this is; or for that matter how important this expose is.

It conclusively shows how the deep state and the big tech giants are doing everything they can to deceive you, to promote false narratives and to control what you see, hear and think.

It explains why the lefties in power were so aghast at Musk buying the social media giant. It explains why Biden and his disgraceful cabal of crooked deep state operatives are ‘keeping a close eye on Twitter’.

They’ve been caught, not only with their hand in the cookie jar and with their pants down, they’ve been busted lying to all of us.

I’ve been warning you about this stuff since for years now. I know many didn’t believe me and i can understand that.

The scale of the conspiracy against you by government is almost unimaginable, except it is true.

And if you think American Democrats are the only ones involved, you’ll no doubt have some more mind-opening surprises coming your way pretty soon.

The deep state is real and they hate you. It’s time more of us hated them right back.

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