The Davos Set Despise Us

The agenda of the elites, showcased at Davos suggests they despise the rest of us. It's all about them having more control over you.

The Davos Set Despise Us
Photo by Damian Markutt / Unsplash

Now I’m sure you’ve all heard the cautions.

Don’t eat meat, don’t use a gas stove, limit your travel. That’s just some of the advice we receive about saving the planet.

Those warnings come from people like US climate envoy John Kerry and troubled teen Greta Thunberg and every year, they, and their fellow catastrophists get together in Davos, Switzerland for a gathering of the climate congregation.

It’s an important meeting for the piously observant Climatistas - so important they need to take private jets and pop champagne, while gorging on fillet steak which is undoubtedly cooked on gas stoves.

Some might say that’s a tad hypocritical particularly when the science shows that private jet emissions quadrupled during Davos last year, as a result of 1040 of these elite personal transporters flying in and out.

Let me assure that those attending this globalist gabfest really do think they are special. Here’s the cadaverous John Kerry sharing his thoughts on this elite group of Davos dynamos.


Yes, I find it pretty extraordinary too and whatever apparently touched John Kerry and his cabal of climate crazies better keep it’s filthy, marxist hands away from me.

And yes, I do think they are all crazy, tree hugging, leftie liberals but, admittedly, the jury is still out on the extraterrestrial claim.

But I’m sure they aren’t 'do-gooders'. No Way. These people are ‘do badders’.

Hypocrites of the highest order. Their agenda is to enslave you, deny you the freedoms they demand for themselves. They want to tell you what you can do, where you can do it and who you can do it with.

Why else would they be at a conference established by Klaus Schwab and his globalist World Economic Forum.

Here’s the man himself- at least I presume he is a man and not one of John Kerry’s alien influencers, opening the conference with the goal of ‘mastering the future’


And what is this future that UberFuhrer Schwab and his followers have planned for us.

Well we know they want you to own nothing and just rent everything. Of course they won’t tell you who will actually own the things you’ll be renting because that would give the game away.

They want big business, big government and billionaires to own everything so they can profit be renting it to you.

They also want you to eat bugs and not travel more than 15 minutes from your home. Here’s a Swiss Green MP at Davos planning your future for you.


You won’t need a car but the billionaire carpetbaggers will all need their Gulfstreams to chase the endless summer.

Actually, won’t we all have an endless summer thanks to global warming?

Apparently not because, global warming is so yesterday. It’s climate change now and that explains more  rain, sun, snow, sleet, hail and wind as well as less rain, sun, snow, sleet, hail and wind.

It’s the perfect all-rounder , the go to solution that helps explain every circumstance.

But not every Davos guest has got that message yet. Here’s the Colombian president claiming capitalism is driving global warming and anarchy, and how capitalism must be ‘overcome’ so we can live on the planet.


I should point out that on the stage with this wealthy President is bloated billionaire Al Gore and Australia’s very own Andrew Forrest. For the record, I am unsure if Forrest was accompanied by a Chinese spy on this particular public presentation.

There’s also this lady in a rather peculiar hat - which may or may not be made completely of tin foil


She might actually be on to something…or should that be on something?

In any event, the climate crisis is a spiritual one for the worshippers of Gaia.

According to ‘I fly commercial, exclusively’ billionaire John Kerry, over 50% of Earth’s species have already been wiped out.


That’s not quite true, not even close actually but it’s part of the narrative that we have a planetary, safety and justice crisis.


There does seem to be a crisis of truth among this mob and justice will only be truly done when they are held to account for their alarmist bull dust.

These constantly changing crisis are all used by the WEF and the global elites,  to justify their tyrannical agenda. Or as they might put it, “we’re doing this for your own good and the less you know about it the better.

That’s why they stifle potential critics by engaging in ‘partnerships’ with them.

One of those partnerships happens to be with the world’s largest multimedia news provider, Reuters.


“The partnership with Reuters introduces the exclusive hosting of video, audio, text and photo content from more than 100 live sessions from the Davos Agenda, making the content available to hundreds of global media publishers.”

It reminds me of the ex NZ Prime Minister and lefty globalist Jacinda Ardern who claimed she wanted to be the single source of truth.

Sounds more like Orwells ministry of truth to me.

Indeed, the overall agenda seems to be one of driving people into living virtual lives via the Metaverse - or as they put it - the digital global collaboration village.

According to Klaus Schwab you can trust this WEF proposal because Interpol are on board.


I don’t know about you but strangely that gives me little comfort.

You might also experience a similar comfort level with another of the WEF’s partnerships.

This time they have joined forces with the pool of decadent perversion we know as Hollywood. That stated goal is to normalise the LGBTQI+ agenda.


I wonder if that ‘normalisation’ includes more headlines like this in the New York Times

But that’s not the big issue according to some of the DAVOS big hitters. There’s no real money in that market. The big cash is still betting on climate.

Here’s the billionaire bloviator himself - Al Gore, - in a completely regular conversation about boiling oceans, rain bombs and a billion refugees.


That was definitely not an unhinged rant by a bloke ramping up the rhetoric since 2006.

I remember when he told us back then that the earthly point of no return on global warming was in just ten years.  

Last time I checked it was 2023 and that tells me that Al Gore…your countdown to global apocalypse was up long ago.  

But that hasn't stopped a new bunch of climate crusaders chasing the filthy lucre of crony capitalism by trying to do a deal in Davos.

By hook or by crook, they’ll want to get their way and they simply do not care what that means for your liberty, your well being or your household budget.

Davos is the destination of those who despise us.

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