The Dangers of Deplatforming

The wokeness of internet service providers is seeing them target conservatives through deplatforming and demonetisation.

The Dangers of Deplatforming

The tech tyranny is spreading as the Internet universe is being increasingly controlled by those with an anti-conservative bias.

If you don't comply with their preferred narrative you can find your access and your business  cut off. And it's not just Facebook and Twitter either.

Google will dump you down their search results to ensure you remain as invisible as possible. They'll close down your Youtube account at the behest of orchestrated campaigns by leftists and might even stop your business from advertising with them.

You don't actually need to be doing anything wrong, just something they disagree with. It's now 'the vibe' that seems to prevail. Darryl Kerrigan would be proud (hat tip The Castle)

It's a growing problem and now other service providers are getting into the act.

Mailchimp (the email service) has reportadly closed the account of one conservative group. Wordpress dumped a longstanding conservative user and now Outbrain, an advertising network, has dropped Internet sensation Dan Bongino.

Bongino runs the most popular podcast in America and a number of very successful websites. He is a former police officer, secret service agent and high profile Trump supporter.

The last bit alone makes him a target.

A Bongino spokesman wrote:

This morning Dan got an email from Outbrain, informing us that they’d no longer be allowing us to use their platform. “It has come to our attention that some of the content on one or more of the domains associated with your account are in violation of the terms of our agreement” Outbrain says, without specifying what was violated.

Bizarrely, this email comes from their “anti-fraud team”…. who allege no fraud….

While we have [no[ idea whatsoever what content of ours supposedly violated their terms of service, and we can only speculate that it’s for purely ideological reasons, it would be yet the millionth time this has happened to conservatives.

Rather than deplatforming, this is demonetisation but it amounts to the same thing. Conservatives are being starved of traffic, revenue and opportunities to spread their message to an audience hungry for the truth.

Without the means, money and opportunity, the Conservative voice risks being shut out of mainstream discussion completely.

Unfortunately this was all too predictable as the tech squeeze was started long ago. I expect it will only get worse as government gets more authoritarian and colludes with these tech titans.

That's why I hope you understand the decision to ask for a modest subscription for this website. I don't want to depend on woke businesses to make it viable.

Nor do I want to make you the product by sending your details and data to the new oligarchs.

Instead, we need to build the community and be able to publish the truth, free from external interference. That's my goal and thanks to your support it is becoming reality.

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