The Dangerous e-Safety Agenda

The government's latest attack on free speech has the support of their Uniparty opposition. It suggests politics in Australia is all but lost.

The Dangerous e-Safety Agenda

This post comes with a warning.

The Australian Internet policeman, known as the e-Safety Commissioner doesn't want you to see some of the content it contains.

I'm not sure what the fuss is about but if you want your Internet censored by government then I'd suggest you don't watch the video below.

The footage in question captures an attack by a Muslim zealot on a Sydney Bishop during his religious service .

It's far less graphic than other videos available in Australian social media circles which leads me to thinking it's not the content but something else that's driving th censorship push.

Consider how widespread the video of the drug-addled George Floyd being arrested did the rounds. He died during an arrest, not because the policeman was restraining him but because he'd taken a fatal dose of fentanyl.

That video was used to justify global protests against the police, widespread looting and riots by lawless racists and a plethora of virtue-signalling by politicians.

Then there's the Bondi murders.

Multiple fatalities all captured in graphic detail but no demands to remove those from social media.

So why is the attack on the priest different?

I suspect it's because the alleged perpetrator is a Muslim and being critical of Islam or the behaviour of its adherents is verboten in the woke world.

That's why the world has glossed over the brutal attack on innocent Israeli's on October 7 by Hamas, but there are co-ordinated protests against the Israeli response.

Whatever the reason, allowing government to determine what is available on the Internet is fraught with danger.

Senator Alex Antic, one of the few sane voices in our parliament summed it up well on Sky News recently.

He asked why this video was so detrimental to society but the e-Safety Commissioner ignores the widespread harm of p*orn which is shown to create all manner of problems for users and 'talent'.

Let's not forget that the same people in favour of this church-attack censorship almost always insist we show inappropriate and perverted material to children as part of the rainbow indoctrination program.

So why do the advocates want children sexualised but adults protected from the horrors of Islamic ideology?

The answer is blindingly obvious.

Censorship is never about what's good for us, it's always about giving the government more control.

Frankly, the fact we have an e-Safety Commissioner demanding social media posts that misgender trannies or show violent muslims be removed is a disgrace.

Shamefully, the normally sensible Peter Dutton has backed Labor in on their censorship and claims to be 'proud' that the Liberals created the position of e-Safety Commissioner.

I dare say he's probably proud of the outrageous curtailment of civil liberties by the government he was a senior minister in too.

That leaves the rest of us with not much to be proud about the way politics is playing out in this country.

You can watch the forbidden video below.

And for the record, I am only including it because the government doesn't want me to.


Thought for the Day

“When you tear out a man's tongue, you are not proving him a liar, you're only telling the world that you fear what he might say.”
George R.R. Martin

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