Corruptocrats and the US Election

The Corruptocrats are behind the most fraudulent Presidential election in history. Now they investigate themselves, claiming to see and hear nothing, despite the overwhelming evidence.

Corruptocrats and the US Election

The US Presidential election result is as fake as a three dollar note.

There are masses of examples where rules, regulations, constitutional requirements and conventions have been deliberately ignored for the purposes of electoral deceit.

The Biden boosters selectively claim there is no evidence or that the evidence presented is 'not enough to change the result'. They are wrong on both counts.

Even worse, political partisans are appointed to investigate their friends, associates or even themselves and, unsurprisingly, find no wrongdoing.

If legislators have ignored state constitutions in allowing votes then they should not be counted. If signature matching has not been carried out as required by law, then those votes should not be counted.  These are both proven but still nothing happens.

There are other clear voting transgressions that collectively add up to millions of votes - enough to change the election outcome.

We have seen hundreds of affidavits making all manner of claims from US postal worker interference, to fake ballots being transported across state lines. There was even a statement that organised crime was paid a per vote bounty to produce fraudulent Biden votes.

Affidavits are legal evidence and if they are false statements then criminal penalties can ensue.

Still the lefties claim there is no evidence.

One can then show them the video of votes being bought from migrant populations or on Native American reservations. These are both illegal acts but they are selectively ignored by media and authorities.

Then there is the questions behind the vote counting machines and the potential for tampering. Again, despite the evidence, many choose to ignore it.

This just goes to show how dishonest many in authority are. They are prepared to sacrifice their principles and integrity to remove a person from a democratically elected office. If they will participate in the greatest voter fraud election in American history, why would we expect them to act honestly in other aspects of their lives?

The system is rigged against you and in favour of those who will trample on any value to get what they want.

Donald Trump is right in his desire to expose these corruptocrats.

Earlier this week, a hearing into the Georgia election result was presented with video evidence of corruption at work.

Polling booth workers were ordered from the premises as vote counting 'had to stop' due to a burst water pipe. We now know there was no burst water pipe. It was just an excuse to force people to leave the room.

When they did, the four who remained grabbed hidden suitcases filled with Biden ballots and fed them into the system. It was clearly dishonest act designed to influence the election result.

First, watch the video in the lower-right quadrant at the long table at 10:40 p.m.
Then watch what happens shortly thereafter.

I don't doubt more evidence will emerge in coming days but it remains to be seen how the legal system (which is highly partisan in the US) will deal with the claims.

There will be vested interests on both sides but it is clear there is only one group of people who want transparency and a total examination of these claims. They are not the democrats and regrettably many Republicans seem to want a return to pre-Trump days.

That's a great signal about how enriching the political swamp is. As politicians get wealthier bleeding the system, they care less about political stripes as long as they can continue to do backhanded business.

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