The Conspiracy Was Real

The evidence of collusion to suppress the truth and propagate lies by big tech and government is now irrefutable. We have been scammed.

The Conspiracy Was Real
Photo by the blowup / Unsplash

We have entered the end of the age of the conspiracy theory.

They are now slowly being revealed as true.

The deep state is working against us and it is clear they will lie and deceive without compunction.

The latest reveal out of the United States affects us all.

Leaked documents reveal that the Department of Homeland Security has been colluding with social media companies to 'shape' online media and communications.

Senior executives from Twitter, Facebook, Microsoft and banking giant JPMorgan regularly met with government officials to discuss clamping down on 'misinformation'.

This label was applied to anything unhelpful to the government, from Hunter Biden's laptop through to questions relating to COVID vaccines and treatments.

Facebook and Twitter even created special portals that government could use to request the rapid takedown of content.

This is straight out government censorship of news they didn't like or approve of.

The leaked documents reveal that monthly meetings took place and that a Microsoft executive wrote in a text to DHS that "Platforms have got to get comfortable with gov't."

Do you recall how the tech tyrants, like Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, once denied censoring content.

Now we know for a fact they were colluding with government to prevent the truth from being out there.

We don't yet know when it began but the evidence is clear that one target was the New York Post which broke the Hunter Biden laptop story.

Not only was this important story, from one of the largest media outlets in the United States, effectively cancelled from social media, the deep state had fifty 'intelligence operatives' sign an open letter claiming it was misinformation.

These are the same authorities we are expected to rely on for definitive information on everything from wars to trade to national security.

It shows the entire process is either idiotic or compromised by politics.

Whatever the case, it really is a matter of being unable to rely on anything they, or their ilk around the world, tell us.

Think about this logically for a moment.

The resources of the US government were deployed to stop a negative story of a Presidential candidates crooked crackhead son.

They were also used to hide information that what the government was doing in regard to COVID was unscientific and downright dishonest. They shielded big pharma from being exposed in their lies and used the lies to infringe on global liberty.

The US, under the dishonesty of Anthony Fauci, effectively led the way in COVID response that was copied by the rest of the world.

In Australia, our 'science' amounted to simply doing what Fauci told us to. It was the most dishonest period of government overreach in living memory.

Many of us thought so at the time and now the proof is undeniable.

That's why some of those who pushed the pandemic narrative are now seeking to 'move on'. Here's the alarmist leftist journal The Atlantic.

In the words of one critic on Twitter:

Abusers always seek “mercy” when they lose power. Remember that this is emotional gas lighting, and in many cases the abuse was physical due to compulsory injections. These are evil people. There is no reconciliation without restitution to all those they harmed.

And we have all been harmed.

The long-term ill-effects of the vaccines are unknown. That is because they simply weren't tested over the same time frame (multiple years) as previous vaccines.

We were told (by authorities) that this was not true. They lied to us.

They also lied about the effectiveness of the vaccines. They lied about the risks and morbidity of COVID. They lied about the origins of the virus. They lied about lockdowns, masks, social contagion and so much more.

It seems that almost everything to do with COVID was cloaked in deception.

The world was turned upside down on the basis of those falsehoods. People lost their jobs, their businesses and their lives on the basis of these lies.

It's now clear that Government is the true virus we should be fearful of.

The flu like COVID virus was merely a means of distributing fear to facilitate government control.

This is the most shameful episode in mass deception and government overreach in the history of Western democratic nations.

I sincerely doubt if we can ever afford to rely on what government 'experts' tell us now or in the future. Through COVID, they have been exposed as having no limits on what they are prepared to do for their own ends.

Never forget, forgive or excuse what they have done. The moment you do is the moment they'll feel emboldened to do it again.

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