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China chokes Australia’s cash cow
It’s the only thing keeping Australia afloat. Now China’s moved to gut the iron ore market.
Former British leader Tony Blair blasts Biden exit from Afghanistan as ‘imbecilic’
Ex-prime minister says bungled withdrawal will embolden jihadists and American antagonists like China and Russia.
Commodity Slump Accelerates Amid Growth Fears and Fed Taper Talk
(Bloomberg) -- Commodities are headed for their worst week in two months on speculation that economic growth will slow a rebound in demand for raw materials with metals, agriculture and oil falling. Copper sank to its lowest price since April and was headed for its worst week in two months, while go…
White House Doctors the ‘Read out’ of Joe Biden’s Call to France’s Emmanuel Macron to Make It Look Better Than It Was
A coward governs us, surrounded and protected by liars.

Politics & Economy

Former 7:30 host Kerry O’Brien alarmed by Australia’s authoritarian drift
Renowned journalist Kerry O’Brien has labelled a drift towards authoritarianism as the most serious threat to the free press.
‘A Total Lack of Therapeutic Perspective’ – Quadrant Online
China on Afghanistan: ‘The Real Winner of This Disaster Is China’
China is “the real winner” of the foreign policy “disaster” currently unfolding in Afghanistan, the Global Times argued.


Why is anyone still defending OnlyFans? | The Spectator Australia
Starting in October, OnlyFans, which has 130 million users, two million contributors and billions in revenue will ban its creators from posting pornographic material on its site, which many sex…
There’s Something Rotten in Society When Caring for Others Makes Me No Better Than a Domestic Terrorist · Caldron Pool
The “we’re all in this together” crowd appear unconcerned with how their requests for neighbour to police neighbour cause paranoia, division and hatred.
What We Can Learn from the Campus Free-Speech War | National Review
Friends of liberty are few. But not as few as we might think.


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You can now invest in CryptoPunks NFTs for just $1 | CryptoSlate
Talk about non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and the term ‘CryptoPunks’ is sure to pop up. These are a collection of 10,000 pixelated ‘punk’ faces
Poly Network Hack Drama Continues – Hacker Withholds $141 Million
The Poly Network drama continues as Mr White Hat is refusing to return US$141 million left on a multi-sig wallet. Poly Network Waits for Hacker to...
Japan’s Liquid Exchange Hacked For Almost $100 Million
Close to US$100 million has been stolen by hackers from Japan’s Liquid Global exchange, which has since suspended deposits and withdrawals while also...

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