The Collapse of Wind Turbines

Renewables are not effective replacements of fossil fuel and wind turbines are proving decidedly dangerous to the environment.

The Collapse of Wind Turbines

There's an odd phenomenon taking place across the world that a lot of greenies don't want you to know about.

That's because it relates to one of their pet hobby horses - renewable energy.

Renewable energy is supposedly attractive because it is so cheap it is virtually free. That's what they want you to believe but the more of this 'free' energy there is the more expensive our power bills become.

We're also told renewable energy is effective and can replace the legacy base load power systems fuelled by coal and gas.

That too is a fantastic claim.

For all the hundreds of billions spent on 'renewable' energy' it comprises less than 16% of the global energy supply - and the vast majority of that comes from burning wood!

Wind and solar actually account for just 4% of that power mix.

But that fact is not true according to the rent-seekers backing renewables.  

Crony Capitalist outfits like the World Economic Forum claim wind and solar account for 10% of global energy.

Others, like the our world in data website claim wind power provides 2.6% of global energy needs and solar 1.4%.

They conveniently ignore the burning of biomass that powers most low income countries and accounts for most 'renewables'.

My point being, the data you are told about wind, solar and the benefit of renewables is likely cherry picked to suit a cause.

The truth is much less effective than the spin in pushing the renewable cause.  

But there's another inconvenient truth.

Wind turbines across the world are collapsing at an alarming rate.

According to a new Bloomberg report, the frequency of combusting and collapsing turbines is spiking.

One insurance underwriter said:

“We’re seeing these failures happening in a shorter time frame on the newer turbines, and that’s quite concerning.”

We've known for quite some time the danger these monuments to green grift pose to wildlife - particularly birds. The offshore wind farms have also been linked to whales washing up on beaches.

Now we see them collapsing and catching fire too.

It makes you wonder why we are pursuing a green dream that is proving neither safe nor effective.

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