The Cash Question

Being asked what you intend to do with the cash you withdraw from a bank is troubling. It's time to practice some simple civil disobedience.

The Cash Question

What's with the inquisition when you try to take some cash out of the bank?

Okay, it's not quite an inquisition, but what business is it of anyone else's what you intend to do with the money you withdraw?

I've always been a user of cash.

Part of it is due to privacy concerns, but more recently, it's also a small act of rebellion as we are being pushed toward the digital-only realm.

After being asked several times about what I would do with the money, I started to reply with a friendly, 'I'll decide when I want to spend it'.

The person behind the bank terminal has always said, 'Sorry, but we have to ask'.

I've never inquired as to who compels them to ask or what the purpose of asking is.

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