The Biden Presidency

The next two years will be some of the most interesting in political history. Being aware of what is to come is the key to prospering from it.

The Biden Presidency

Donald Trump has given his farewell address, and Joe Biden will be sworn in as the 46th President of the United States tomorrow.

I can't help but feel melancholy for the state of democracy and personal freedom. The US is a global leader - economically, militarily and culturally - and wherever they go, others will follow.

There is no doubt in my mind that the Democratic Party conspired with elements of the deep state to rig the election against Trump. One just had to observe the lacklustre campaign, the inability to garner public support and the media cover-ups to realise many were working in concert.

The lack of rigour by law enforcement agencies to investigate Hunter and Joe Biden over clearly criminal acts shows a deeply compromised law enforcement operation. These same organisations knew the Russian and Ukraine claims against Trump were false but let them run for years.

The clear breaches of State constitutions and legal processes were glossed over and dismissed without consideration. The orchestrated riots of BLM and Antifa helped serve up a narrative that Trump was the problem.

Of course, he didn't always help himself, but he wasn't (and isn't) the problem.

The problem is that an entrenched power class operates in the shadows, outside of the public eye of politics. They feel entitled and work to maintain that power at any cost. Trump threatened that.

He threatened the political establishment and the cosy cabal that profits from a bloated and elitist government. That's why they worked so hard against him. Trump was all that stood between their agenda and the government of the people, for the people.

That's why I feel sad for the US democracy. It has ceased to be the land of the free and is now part of the globalisation push by international bureaucrats.

They will now push ahead with the Great Reset (as detailed by the WEF) and other global visions of socialism. It will impact us all.

Climate Alarmist John Kerry, great resetter Klaus Schwab and population control zealot Bill Gates will all shape the future. They will continue to use COVID-19 as a vehicle to implement drastic change, perhaps even accelerating the imposition of even more draconian measures.

That said, I am not sure they will succeed. Like all socialistic control experiments, there will be a point of overreach. Then, the people will see what has really been going on. That's when the pushback will really begin.

I expect the next two years will be some of the most interesting in political history. All we can do is keep our eyes open and prepare ourselves and our families for what may come down the line.

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