The Battlelines are Drawn

The priorities of the new parliament tell us all we need to know of the fighting fronts to come. It won't be good for the country.

The Battlelines are Drawn
Photo by Aditya Joshi / Unsplash

After the pomp and (smoking) ceremony of yesterday, parliament gets down to business today.

The government is expected to introduce 18 pieces of legislation into the House over the next fortnight.

They'll set the tone for the rest of this government's term.

We can already get a sense of it.

After a couple of months of promising to do it differently, Labor has retreated to it's core ethos - empowering Unions and stacking the institutions of power with apparatchiks.

We see that through the proposed neutering of the Australian Building and Construction Commission (ABCC) which will allow the militant CFMEU to run rampant on building sites once again.

According to Labor, the first item of business is legislating the 43 percent emissions reduction scheme.

Wisely, the Coalition has decided to not support this wilful attack on our national prosperity.

That has prompted the Prime Minister to tell state they needed to 'grow up a bit' while ruling out a deal with the Greens.

However, in the same breath he stated that Labor had a mandate for 43 percent but that "was a floor and not a ceiling".

That sounds pretty much what the Greens were demanding on Labor only a week or so ago.

On 17 July, the Marxist media reported Greens leader Adam Bandt position as this:

Bandt said he was concerned the legislation, a draft version of which was shown to the crossbench and subsequently leaked to media this week, would create a ceiling on emissions reduction.

Lo and behold, a week later as the atheist Albanese walks out of a Christian Church he states Labor's changed position.

It appears the Green tail is already wagging the Labor dog.

That's bad news for the country. Not just in respect to emissions targets but in respect to almost every aspect of our lives. The Labor left and the Greens have one thing in common, they love big government.

They both believe that they should have more power to influence your life.

The other priority for Labor is the introducing the racist 'Indigenous voice to parliament'. According to the PM it's simply 'good manners'.

He said that while adding 5,000 years to the history of Aboriginal people.

A few years back their culture was 40,000 years old, then it jumped to 60,000. Now, according to Albo it is at least 65,000 years of civilisation and that's why they deserve a 'voice to parliament'.

He ignored the fact that Aboriginal people are already statistically over-represented in our parliament. That's even when you consider the census records them as the fastest growing population group in the country.

That growth is a bi-product of tick a box identity politics and the prospect of some government benefit flowing to those who identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander.

Anyway, the battlelines have now been drawn and judging by the composition of our parliament, Australia will end up much the worse as a result.

Still, this is what the Australian people voted for so I hope they enjoy the political dish they are about to be served.

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