The Battle is Just Beginning

Commercial media and big tech are trying to deny people access to information to help them make sense of the world

The Battle is Just Beginning
Photo by Sharon McCutcheon / Unsplash

This program has a deliberate intent. I want to entertain, inform and educate and do it by highlighting the weird and wonderful that goes on around us .

Sometimes what we talk about is almost unbelievable. I get dozens of emails every week telling me how wrong I am or pointing out I am peddling some conspiracy theory.

The problem with that accusation is that we have an extraordinary track record of being right and identifying issues months before they are picked up by others.

I’m proud to back my personal judgement, formed after considering the facts, and wade into the issues that others fear to broach, well before they are mainstream news.


In doing so, we often earn the ire of the woke crowd who hate their agenda being exposed.

We were among the very first to identify the evidence about US sponsored bat virus research in Wuhan. Our exposure of the World Economic Forum ‘Great Reset’ agenda and their influence on global affairs has been unrelenting.

The Hunter Biden laptop scandal was a ‘Russian disinformation’ when we first started revealing the details. They said the same about the dossier on Donald Trump manufactured by the Clinton campaign to denigrate his character.

And dare I say that our highlighting of the hypocrisy of the leftist gender agenda has been unrelenting.

These and so many other issues we have championed are now mainstream news….well almost.

You won’t find the truth on the commercial media networks. They continue to deny you access to the information that will help you make sense of this erratic world.

And let me tell you, the battle for our freedom and for common sense is just beginning.

We’ve got digital identity bills, central bank digital currencies and vaccine passports being foisted on us.

Cancel culture is trying to deny us the ability to speak the truth without being attacked or experiencing repercussions.

In such circumstances, the best form of defence is offence.

That’s why, you and I,  we can never stop pushing against the left controlled zeitgeist.

We need to expose every shameful liberty limiting agenda that is being foisted upon us.

We need to challenge every activist demanding we suspend reality and accept their bizzarro version of the world.

We need to expose the lunacy at work within the state that seeks to impose ever more limits on our freedom.

That’s my mission and it is one from which I will not relent.

I will not give an inch to those who cannot stand that we speak the truth without fear or favour.

It doesn’t matter what side of politics they hail from – Red, Blue, Green, Yellow or Purple.

They need to be held to account and I guarantee, every single week, I’ll keep doing so right here.

Our nation, and most of the rest of the world, is losing its way. Together, we can get it back on the right track.

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