The Algorithm

Social Media is promoting sexually-guided content of minors.

The Algorithm
Photo by Markus Spiske / Unsplash
Instagram’s Algorithm Promotes ‘Child-Sexualizing’ Content.
Social media platform Instagram’s algorithm pushes adult sex content as well as child-sexualizing material alongside advertisements for major United


Wong and Dutton press top Chinese official over ‘unsafe, unprofessional’ warship conduct
The foreign minister and opposition leader press a top Chinese official over the “unsafe and unprofessional” conduct of a People’s Liberation Army warship that confronted an Australian frigate earlier this month.
Queensland police chief suggests ‘a lot of cases’ could be retried under double jeopardy changes
Katarina Carroll says if new legislation passes parliament it will be ‘exactly what we need’ amid retesting of DNA samples at state lab


Sunak doesn’t realise the trouble he’s in on immigration | The Spectator Australia
As they headed into the autumn, Rishi Sunak and the Conservatives needed a gamechanger. Their gradual recovery in the polls from the dog days of Liz Truss had stalled not very far from base camp and…
The Divide Among American Jews
This week was a sad awakening for me. I attended a discussion group regarding the situation in the Mideast at my synagogue. Of the ten attendees I was the only one to express concern about the level of anti-Semitism which was occurring ar…
Uganda to Borrow $150 Million from China After World Bank Halts Funding over ‘Anti-Homosexuality Act’
Uganda plans to borrow $150 million from China after the World Bank suspended funding due to Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Act.

Business, Finance & Investment

Fed Rate Cuts Will Not Save The Economy | Daniel Lacalle
Market implied Fed Funds rate discount a string of cuts starting in January 2024 and culminating in a 4.492 percent in January 2025. These expectations are based on the perception that the Federal Reserve will achieve a soft landing and that inflation will drop rapidly.
BOJ’s Paper Loss on Bond Holdings Balloons to Record $71 Billion
(Bloomberg) -- The Bank of Japan racked up the most unrealized losses on its bond holdings on record in the latest six-month period, illustrating the challenge facing Governor Kazuo Ueda if he moves toward normalizing policy.Most Read from BloombergBillions Wiped Out as Stock-Safety Trade on Wall St…
One in three Australian homes are cheaper to buy than rent
More than one-third (or 36.3 per cent) of homes across the country are cheaper to buy than they are to rent at current prices.


Hundreds of ‘Radicalized’ NYC High Schoolers Riot Over Pro-Israel Teacher
Pro-Palestinian students at Hillcrest High School in Queens, New York, rioted for nearly two hours after discovering a teacher’s pro-Israel stance. The teacher was locked in […]
Elon Musk Meets with Benjamin Netanyahu, Tours Destroyed Kibbutz
“It was jarring to see the scene of the massacre.”
Far-Left Extremist Greta Thunberg Calls For ‘Crushing Zionism’: ‘Thunberg Is Hitler Youth’ | The Daily Wire
Far-left extremist Greta Thunberg is facing backlash after she was captured chanting “crush Zionism” at a recent pro-Palestinian rally in Sweden. Thunberg has already faced intense criticism over her anti-Semitic views and has been accused of promoting pro-Hamas propaganda. “Crush Zionism” is an exp…

Crypto & Blockchain

Easy Crypto - The world’s choice for crypto
The world’s favourite place to buy and sell Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Delivery in less than 2 minutes, easiest order process, and we’re open 24/7.
Bitcoin Inscriptions Reach Mania Level Again, Miners Benefit
Data shows that Bitcoin Inscriptions have observed a resurgence recently, leading to a boost in the transaction fee of the miners.


Ireland Blames Misogyny For Female Deaths Caused By Mass Migration
Ireland’s rate of deadly violence against women could fall dramatically through sensible migration policy and other basic programs.

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