The $55 Billion Man

Is anyone worth USD 55 billion to run a company? Your initial reaction might be no but rewarding people for performance is the ultimate in backing the best.

The $55 Billion Man

Today, my musings are about money.

So much money that it is actually hard to comprehend for us mere mortals.

Imagine one man earning USD 55 billion (AUD 82 billion) to run a company!

I'm sure many readers will instantly rush to judgment, stating that no one is worth that amount of compensation, no matter what they do.

Would you change your mind if I told you it was entirely performance-based and was a reward for generating more than ten times that amount for other shareholders?

Before answering that question, consider the details and the underlying principle involved.

The giant compensation package belongs to Elon Musk, the brains behind Tesla.

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