Terrorist Sympathisers

Once upon a time the action of America's adversaries would be considered treasonous.

Terrorist Sympathisers
Photo by Gemma Evans / Unsplash
No Serious Nation Allows Terrorist Sympathizers To Run Its Gov’t
A top Pentagon official with ties to the Iranian government has ‘sought to undermine the leading group resisting’ the country’s dictator.


‘We deserve our fair share’: state Labor leaders clash with federal government over infrastructure plan
Albanese government move to make states pay at least 50% of new infrastructure project bills receives pushback from premiers
NT chief minister’s shareholding in gas company Woodside attracts federal scrutiny
Natasha Fyles defends her ownership of shares in Woodside, saying she has properly declared the holdings each year and that she has acted in line with financial disclosure rules.


David Cameron? Seriously? | The Spectator Australia
All political careers end in failure but few return to prove it a second time. David Cameron, forced to resign after his defeat in the EU referendum, has been brought back, given a peerage and…
US to Buy Anti-Aircraft Weapon for Ukraine at Huge Markup | The Libertarian Institute
Jordan is set to make a massive profit by selling Gepard self-propelled anti-aircraft system to the US. The White House plans to send the weapons to arms to Ukraine. In 2013, Amman purchased the weapons 2013 for $22 million, and now the US will pay Jordan nearly $120 million to…
French stores mislabeling Israeli products to avoid boycott – media
Lidl supermarkets have come under fire in France for allegedly trying to disguise the origin of products from Israel, local media report

Business, Finance & Investment

Out Of Office: Global Vacancies Hit Record High
...an increase of 60% compared to pre-pandemic vacancy rates…
Visualizing $2.5 Trillion in Private Equity Cash Reserves
The private equity industry holds a record $2.5 trillion in cash reserves. Will this spur a recovery in mergers and acquisitions?


The heartrending story of a librarian who can’t give kids pornographic material
Tania Galiñanes is a martyr to the aspirational job of being a school librarian, driven out by the draconian dictates of Governor Ron DeSantis and his inquisitors in the Florida legislature. Thanks to them, she can no longer put sexual or raci…
A Slap in the Face for San Franciscans | National Review
It is now obvious that the city can clean itself up; it just doesn’t want to.
Europe’s New Digital Identity Wallet: Security or Tyranny? ⋆ Brownstone Institute
Obviously, advocates of a European digital ID will publicly claim they are only interested in promoting the security of our transactions and protecting our privacy. But their assurances regarding citizens’ privacy and liberties have no credibility whatsoever.

Crypto & Blockchain

Easy Crypto - The world’s choice for crypto
The world’s favourite place to buy and sell Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Delivery in less than 2 minutes, easiest order process, and we’re open 24/7.
Crypto Analyst Narrows Down Bull Market Strategies
In a series of posts, Miles Deutscher outlines how investors at any experience level can ready themselves for an upcoming crypto bull market by actively formulating a strategic plan. “Don’t worry, this current rally is nothing compared to what happens during peak bull,” he stated. Crypto Analyst Adv…


Former Atheist of 20 Years Flees from Unbelief, Turns to Christianity
A self-described atheist penned an incredible essay that perfectly explains why Christianity is so important for the soul.

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