Tell Him He's Dreaming

The price tag of the government's green dream is rising. But no matter how much of your money they spend, there is zero benefit and no means of reaching net-zero.

Tell Him He's Dreaming

In news that will surprise no one, Treasurer Jim Chalmers has announced the cost of 'net zero' will rise substantially.

His latest estimate is an additional $225 billion of industry subsidies will be needed to achieve his green dream.

To channel Dale Kerrigan from The Castle movie: "Tell him he's dreaming".

But that's what socialists do. They dream of grand schemes that are not based in reality, and then they spend your money chasing them.

The net-zero boondoggle is perhaps the grandest of them. It has an estimated global cost of USD 150 trillion, which includes the caveat of whether it can be achieved at all.

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