Targeting our Decline

There is something rotten behind the push to introduce children to transgenderism. It's grooming on a global scale.

Targeting our Decline
Photo by Daniel ODonnell / Unsplash

When they first think about the entire gender-bender cult, most people have some sympathy with those who claim to have gender dysphoria.

They've been amongst us for eons. Mostly gay men cross-dressing and pretending to be women.

In some cultures, like I saw in Samoa, it's entirely normal for a male member of a family to actually live as a woman - replete with makeup and alternative attire.

I don't know the precise origins of that custom but it appeared quite common when we honeymooned there nearly three decades ago.

But there is something far more sinister about the modern push to encourage our children to claim being transexual at an ever decreasing age.

I'd go as far as to call it evil, pushed by people who have a less than pure interest in the welfare of children.

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