Sweden Leads the Way Again

While most centre-right political leaders implement left wing policies, Sweden has a government leading by example; again.

Sweden Leads the Way Again
Photo by lilzidesigns / Unsplash

Today message is one of hope.

Hope that the ludicrous and damaging agenda levelled by the global elite and designed to enslave us is coming to an end.

Unfortunately that end is not imminent but there are signs the collapse is underway

Once again, the hope springs from Sweden.

You will recall they were one of few countries who refused to bow to the COVID zeitgeist of punitive lockdowns and draconian restrictions.

Now the new Swedish Prime Minister has abolished their stand alone Ministry for the Environment, choosing instead to merge it with another ministry.

The new Swedish government (18/10/22)

This has devastated the climate change alarmists as Sweden was always one of the poster children for the righteousness of climate religion.

After all, it was the first country to issue carbon taxes and relies on 52 percent renewables for energy.

In other encouraging news, the new Minister for Energy is a Swedish Democrat Party member whose platform includes no net zero by 2045.

She recently said

“If we want to solve climate issues, it’s about transforming industry and the transport sector.”

These transformation plans include increasing nuclear power production, expanding charging infrastructures and lowering fuel prices.

They intend to reopen nuclear plants that were previously shut down, and allocate a further 36 billion Euros to build new ones.

While there is still a Swedish Minister for Climate and Environment, the role is a subordinate one to the Energy minister.

That suggests the government there understands the importance of energy security and base load power generation to a vibrant, sustainable and prosperous nation.

It is refreshing to see an elected centre-right government actually implement a centre-right agenda and not be captive to the globalist socialist expansion that is underway.

Let's hope the next crop of conservative leaders in the Anglosphere learn something from Sweden's bold and sensible political manoeuvres.

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