Super Money, Money, Money

The announced changes to superannuation are just the beginning of successive governments targeting your money.

Super Money, Money, Money
Photo by Victor Grabarczyk / Unsplash

Despite pre-election promises not to, Labor have now announced even more changes to the Superannuation system.

To their credit, they saw the public pushback over their early Super change kite-flying and have vowed not to make the changes until after the next election.

That suggests they are very confident of winning that election.

While most people won't be affected by the Super tax hike, it sets a precedent that will likely impact most Australians at some point.

You can be guaranteed this will not be the final government change to retirement savings in this country.

The LibLabs cannot help but see your money as theirs and they will always want a bigger slice of it. They'll also want to be winding back other tax concessions too.

Here's how I think it will play out.

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