Street Art or Grubby Grooming?

Sometimes the law truly is an ass and respect has to be given to those prepared to do the right thing even if it transgresses it.

Street Art or Grubby Grooming?

I can't recall a time when I have explicitly and publicly endorsed breaking the law.

During the COVID confected crisis, I voiced my concerns around the rules and I personally broke many of them. I was more than happy to do so in full knowledge that I would personally bear the consequences.

I was more than happy to go maskless, not use QR codes and refuse to show my private health status. There wasn't a single lockdown period where I didn't break the rules and  I'm proud of my personal rebellion.

However, I always refrained from suggesting other people do the same or endorsing this 'criminal' subversion.

Today however, I am more than happy to support one particular act of lawbreaking.

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