Steyn Cancelled

Yet another conservative commentators have been canceled this week. The latest being the legendary Mark Steyn who has now left GB News.

Steyn Cancelled

Steyn has always pushed  the boundaries of the group think, which is why he is so popular around the world.

He dares to talk about the issues in a manner that those in power wish would never be heard.

Steyn was effectively driven out  because he was asked to indemnify the broadcaster from any legal claims arising from his commentary, particularly that questioning the safety and efficacy of the COVID vaccines.

Apparently there are already two investigations underway into Steyn’s commentary by the British speech regulator OFCOM.

According to Steyn, the contract included this term: “the Mark Steyn Company shall indemnify GB News for any and all direct loss, liability, costs, including reasonable legal costs, damages, or expenses that it suffers as a result of any regulatory breach.”

Unsurprisingly, when already faced with direct editorial oversight  by the broadcaster, Steyn thought this a bridge too far.

I perfectly understand why GB News don’t want to spend their precious resources on frivolous group think complaints by hateful lefties and woke whingers, but this is surrendering to the mob.

The way the world is going, we won’t have a free media left. Just regurgitaters of official lines and government propaganda.

A free media and free speech are at the cornerstone of our own freedoms. Without them, we all become captive to the Leftist zeitgeist.

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