Stan's Unedifying Stance

A state funded broadcaster that only broadcasts their truth rather than the truth is simply a pusher of propaganda.

Stan's Unedifying Stance

Like a lot of other Australians I was watching the coronation of King Charles last night.

Not just because I am an ardent supporter of our constitutional monarchy but because it was an historic occasion. I suspect billions tuned in around the world for only the second televised coronation of the British crown.

It’s a fascinating spectacle. So much pomp and majesty, ancient traditions and a lineage that can be traced back 1000 years.

Incredibly, that history is well documented with written records, monuments, magnificent cathedrals, art and so much more. Their achievements in human endeavour have been exported all over the world, including to us and we have been the beneficiaries of it.

I regret there are many though, who focus on the negatives of that outreach and choose to ignore the myriad benefits they enjoy every day.

These whingers never miss a beat to push their own grievance barrow even while making a living off of the things they decry.

Last night I switched between the Sky News feed and the BBC. Both had the same images but the commentary was rather different.

My wife had another television on, one without Foxtel and she made the mistake of tuning in to their ABC.

She told me that Stan Grant was appointed whiner in chief.

It turns out he put his hand up for the gig, so he could have a platform on the back of the coronation.

There was no grace or goodwill, just grievance culture, about the history that has given him his very modest place in history.

Grant was fine to use western culture to get to where he had fame and money, but now uses that same platform to knock it.

That’s his business of course. He can say and do what he likes. People will assess his genuineness and credibility for themselves.

However, it is a disgrace that our taxpayer funded broadcaster didn’t have the good manners to use the coronation to educate and inform Australians about the incredible spectacle that we were witness to.

I note they won’t put a critic of any of their pet projects on whether it be a climate change realist, a person opposed to the rainbow mardi gras, someone telling some inconvenient truths about the conduct in some indigenous communities or the critics of the waste of taxpayers money at their ABC.

A state funded broadcaster that only broadcasts their truth rather than the truth is simply a pusher of  propaganda.

It truly is time to defund the ABC.

And while on the subject of funding, how pathetic of the NSW premier to claim cost issues prevented lighting  up the Opera House sails to celebrate the coronation.

The cost excuse is such a nonsense that I think it’s reasonable to call it a lie

And to my mind it’s a mean spirited and unnecessary one.

The sails have been lit up for all manner of causes from aboriginal days, festivals of homosexuality, horse races and the Olympics.

We’ve even lit it up in the French flag, but apparently it’s too expensive to do now.

Maybe it’s the cost of that renewable power, or that it’s not available at night time; or maybe Chris Minns is just a Premier without any real sense of the maintaining the dignity of the office he holds on  behalf of the people of NSW, and by virtue of some of our national icons, for the rest of us too.

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