SS Montevideo Maru Found

The SS Montevideo Maru, which sunk during World War II with more than 1,000 Australians on board – 850 of whom were service people – has finally been found,

SS Montevideo Maru Found

There was some good news this weekend.

A ship that sank during WWII with more than 1000 Australians on board, of whom 850 were service people, has finally been found.

The SS Montevideo Maru was a Japanese vessel used to transport prisoners. It  was sunk 81 years ago, becoming, in the process, Australia’s largest loss of life at sea.

Among the many Australians celebrating this discovery are those who had relatives on the vessel, including War Memorial Boss Kym Beazley and Shadow Defence Minister Andrew Hastie.

As we prepare for another Anzac Day commemoration on Tuesday, its good that so many now know the final resting place of their family members.

It will  bring some closure to the service and ultimate sacrifice they made on our behalf.

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