Something is Going to Snap

It’s as if almost everything we have come to know has been tipped on its head. Our priorities are so out of whack nothing seems to make sense anymore.

Something is Going to Snap

It’s as if almost everything we have come to know, from generations of lived human experience, has been tipped on its head. Our priorities are so out of whack nothing seems to make sense anymore.

Digging back to my university days, of the three classes I actually turned up to, there was a basic table of human needs.

  • Physiological needs – air food and water,
  • Safety needs – security, employment health
  • Love and belonging – family and friendship
  • Esteem – respect, status, recognition
  • Self- actualisation – desire to be the most you can be.

You had to satisfy the more basic needs to establish the foundation on which to enjoy your other desires.

All pretty basic stuff.  Now, just think about what generations of people are prioritising.

The don’t care about basic needs and simply crave fame, adoration , recognition and someone else’s money. They want to be insta famous and live in the fantasy world they create via digital filters and contrived photos.

They blame everyone else for not having a house or health insurance or a proper job.

They get depressed when their ‘like’ count doesn’t go up or some troll tells them they are a loser.

Little wonder mental illness, substance abuse and the associated political doctrine of socialism are becoming so prevalent.

Unfortunately,  society is catering to this self-absorption. We have effectively absolved these adults with childlike minds from taking responsibility for themselves.

Australian taxpayers should protest after providing ‘endless stream of handouts’

Sky News contributor Cory Bernardi says there is an endless stream of handouts to Australia’s younger generations which are often just a “cop out from practising personal responsibility”. More:

Posted by Sky News Australia on Sunday, July 19, 2020

That’s why governments spend borrowed money with no regard for paying it back. It’s why around half of the people in this country get more in benefits than they pay in tax.

It’s why we give handouts for buying a house, paying your rent, sitting around doing nothing, having babies, having someone else look after your babies, keeping your electricity on….there is an endless stream of handouts which are often just a cop out from practising personal responsibility.

It’s sending us broke and producing generations of woke wusses.

Isn’t it time, the avo smash breakfast munching crew learned that the true cost of their craft beer and associated habits is that they’ll be stuck living with mum and dad until they get booted out.

Then they’ll be looking for one of those generous handouts at someone else’s expense because all their personal failings are ‘societys fault’.

But what would happen if we were suddenly forced to turn some of this welfare tap off.

You’d see an amalgam of grifters and dependents marching demanding ‘justice for shovel bearded hipsters’ or some other contrived nonsense. They’d be supported by magic pudding economists in the  media and politics  who think debt doesn’t matter and  printing money somehow makes everyone richer.

The people who should be protesting  in the streets, are  the taxpayers of Australia, who need to demand a better deal for their money. The waste has simply got out of hand

Eventually, something will snap and I suspect it will be the willingness of those few hardy souls who actually pay taxes to continue to support this unsustainable madness.

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