Some Alarming Developments

Recent developments seem to confirm our thesis of where the world is heading. There's still time to prepare accordingly.

Some Alarming Developments
Photo by Malvestida / Unsplash

The last few days of global events provide even further clarity to the path ahead.

It began with the conviction of Donald Trump in a political show trial that would have made history's greatest despots proud.

The prosecution's main witness was proved a liar; the judge was a Democratic Party donor whose daughter makes millions campaigning for them. The charge was pathetic and so contrived that no credible prosecutor would have pursued it.

It's just a coincidence that the judge hearing this case, who is actually an acting justice, has handled all the New York democrat prosecutions of Donald Trump and is entirely unqualified to oversee a trial of an alleged federal crime.

He must have sold his soul to the corrupt Democrats so his daughter could profit from their business because that's the only reason someone would trash their credibility so thoroughly.

There's no doubt it will eventually be overturned on appeal, but the politicisation of the judicial process has backfired on the Democrats. Trump has raised tens of millions of dollars in donations and awakened millions more people to how crooked the system is.

However, it goes to show that America is lost and confirms everything we have previously noted about the corruption of their institutions for base political purposes.

Then there was the news that China had officially teamed up with Russia.

The official representative of the Ministry of Defense of the People's Republic of China, Wu Qian stated:

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