Soft on China

Australia must pay close attention to the decisions made by Beijing.

Soft on China
Photo by Evie S. / Unsplash
Is Australia Going Soft on China?
Australia’s Labor Party has sought “stabilization” with China, which might not be such a bad thing.


The billion dollar battle to wipe out a deadly pest that is threatening Australia’s outdoor lifestyle
The Commonwealth and state governments are doubling down on a half-billion-dollar program that’s so far failed to stop the spread of the red imported fire ant.
Fundamental Change Coming in Australia
Fundamental Change Coming in Australia. By Robert Gottliebsen. Reserve Bank governor Michele Bullock must have been horrified at the chaotic parliamentary legislative frenzy which took place on Thu…
Flight disruption nationwide caused by two absent Sydney air traffic controllers, Senate hears
Airservices Australia faces questions in estimates about Monday’s delays and cancellations as agency’s CEO defends his almost $1m salary


Greek Authorities Arrest Four Suspected People Smugglers
Greek authorities found 84 boat migrants and arrested four individuals, accusing them of being the traffickers that transported them.
The Middle East: Un-ask Your Question
The question is defective for several reasons. [I]t turns the estimated 600 million people who live in more than 20 countries into mere objects in their own story; it is up to outsiders to decide what to do about them. The “what-shall-we-do about them?”
Netanyahu: ‘Enough’ Israeli Hostages Remain Alive to Justify Gaza Campaign | National Review
The Israeli PM said that Hamas is intent on keeping civilians in harm’s way, in addition to repeating the October 7 massacre.

Business, Finance & Investment

Sorry, You Can’t Have Your Gold
Whatever the outcome of the coming economic crisis, those who have chosen the safest havens for their wealth will be those who will fare best.
Who are the World’s Richest Monarchs?
The ranks of the world’s richest monarchs are heavily concentrated in the Middle East and North Africa, but European and Asian royalty also make appearances.
Decelerating inflationary expectations plus a limited increase in unemployment
The good news on the recent deceleration in inflationary expectations is many major central banks have likely finished tightening their official cash rates. The five English-speaking central banks tabled below have, on average, tightened on 12 separate occasions to 5.07 per cent. Australia is the outlier, at 4.35 per cent. Country Date of first tightening… Continue reading →


Is diversity actually good for business? | The Spectator Australia
It is a sacred mantra of the business circuit that diverse boards improve company performance. It has apparently been proven in multiple studies by the world’s leading companies such as McKinsey and…
Bill Gates Launches New ‘Biomass Burying’ Climate Change™ Scam
Emails Show Facebook Censored Posts at Health Canada’s Request, Proposed Streamlining Censorship
Canada’s public health agencies asked Facebook for faster ways to flag speech for removal.

Crypto & Blockchain

Easy Crypto - The world’s choice for crypto
The world’s favourite place to buy and sell Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Delivery in less than 2 minutes, easiest order process, and we’re open 24/7.
Block Earner’s Crypto Product Needs Financial Services License: Aussie Court
An Australian federal court has ruled that Block Earner has been offering crypto products without obtaining a necessary financial services license.
Bitcoin ‘Stronger’ Ahead of Halving: Grayscale
Spot bitcoin ETFs have amassed more than 192,000 bitcoin in holdings, as of Friday, since their launch nearly a month ago.


WW3? Israel Claims A “Terror Tunnel” Was Found Under UN Agency HQ | SHTF Plan
Israel claims to have found a “terror tunnel” that was directly underneath a United Nations (UN) agency’s headquarters. They claim this underground compound was “vital” to the Hamas terrorist organization. This could most certainly be considered an advancement toward WW3.

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