Site Upgrade & Feedback

We have rolled out some new backend tech to improve community integration and services going forward.

Site Upgrade & Feedback
Photo by Ross Findon / Unsplash

This has required upgrading the site infrastructure to include some new features, including an native integrated community comments facility.

Enhanced Comments

The upgrade will require some additional time as we merge our previous tech stack data. This includes importing the thousands of comments made under our previous external comment supplier.

That is a work in progress and your feedback about the new system is welcome as we work to improve the Confidential community service.

You can adjust your personal comment notification settings through our member portal. This is available under the account link in the top menu of the site.  

We have also integrated a new, advanced search feature. Again, this is integrated into our existing technology rather than through an external supplier. This will provide faster and more relevant search results for all members of the Confidential website.

What's Coming?

Our team continues to work on website enhancements for community members and sometimes these require major upgrades on our backend systems. We try to do these with minimal disruption to existing members.

Our goals for the future include video and chat integration without requiring a big tech CCP spy service (like zoom).

It's a journey but thank you for being part of it.

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