Silence Shows Their Fear

The experts have gone quiet as the real science behind the pandemic alarm is exposed. The silence is deafening.

Silence Shows Their Fear

Why am I surprised by the avalanche of data demonstrating that the forced vaccines are everything except safe and effective?

I shouldn't be. After all, my concerns (along with many others) have been vocalised from the very beginning.

However, the sheer scale of the scandalous cover up has me gobsmacked.

After being told that the mRNA vaccines don't interfere with individual DNA we now have studies showing that they do. Still the claim is decried as 'misinformation'.

The President of Bayer Pharmaceuticals even admitted they were gene therapy in November of last year.


I realise how hard it must be for people to admit they have been duped by governments they trust. Some will feel foolish for injecting an experimental drug into their system on the empty promise of politicians and profiting pharma companies.

Those who mocked or excluded the dirty unvaccinated from their lives must be embarrassed too. Families have been torn apart and tens of thousands have lost their jobs over this dodgy medical sales pitch.

And what of the medical profession itself?

Your family GP was effectively banned from administering medical advice for COVID outside of the jab for their patients. The risk of doing so was a potential loss of practicing license.

And it turns out that al the big players knew the jabs weren't safe and effective.

Big Pharma knew from the list of adverse side effects their own research uncovered. These occurred with much greater frequency than the public were ever allowed to know.

Here's one take on the Pfizer data.

Pfizer data release. 1223 reported fatalities during 3-month period, out of 42K reports. CDC will have been aware of some of this data via VAERS. Not clear whose passive reporting system is more complete, Pfizer's or CDC's. Either way, this drug should have been pulled

Government knew too. That's why they set up a compensation fund for the victims.

On August 28, 2021, the Commonwealth government announced a no fault COVID-19 vaccine claim scheme. Its purpose was to protect medical practitioners from liability so they could continue to push the experiment onto the public.

Here are the actual words used in the announcement.

“It also ensure that health professionals administering vaccines will be able to continue with their crucial role in the vaccine roll out with assurance that the claims scheme will offer them protection.”

They even backdated the scheme to February 2021 to save the already compromised practitioners.

I can't ever recall a government virtually mandating citizens participate in a medical experiment even though they knew it had a lot of serious question marks surrounding it.

Naturally they will claim that the positive results outweighed the negative but how can we ever know that?

Most of the figures they have used to support use and prove efficacy are misleading (at best). One can only assume that the adverse side-effect figures have also been massaged to minimise the numbers and allay community concerns.

Then there is the response to the pandemic by government themselves.

Documents released under Freedom of Information (FOI) laws demonstrate just how hollow the 'expert assessments' have been.

You can read the papers for yourself here but Senator Alex Antic sums it up nicely below.


The further you dig the worse and worse this scandalous behaviour gets.

That's why the same people are embracing the media and political blitzkrieg about everything except COVID-19.

For all intents and purposes, the pandemic has disappeared.

After being bombarded with 'the science' every day for two years, now that actual scientific data has been released - the silence from health officials is deafening.

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